Guide to choosing the best coffee maker within seconds

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Go and ask a coffee lover that how a nice cup of coffee brewed in front makes you feel? They will definitely say that there is nothing in this world apart from that nice cup of coffee. But to brew the best coffee in our kitchen, we require the best coffee maker. But choosing the right coffee machine is not an easy task. It takes a lot to consider before making your final decision.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options available for you, if you consider to get a home coffee machine. You can choose from a machine which brews a few cups of coffee to a 100’s of coffee in a day. Apart from this you can also choose from a coffee machine which automatic coffee brewing or scheduling or from the machines which keeps coffee warm whole day.

But, it is possible that you may not be needing all of these and you just need a simple machine which can provide you nice coffee at morning and at the evening. Therefore, we have come up with a guide which can make you decide what you need and manage your budget accordingly.

Things to be considered before buying: –

Brewing type

Brewing type coffee machines include automatic drip and grind and brew. However, most of us go for automatic drip as it offers a little more convenience to us. But the good taste of coffee depends on how patience you are to get your coffee. For persons who just need a coffee can get a French presso or automatic drip coffee machines.

For people who prefer taste over convenience must go for Grind and Brew coffee makers. These machines have built in grinders which is used for grinding coffee beans right before it is brewed.

Coffee brewing capacity

It is one of the most important things to consider as you should always make a purchase depending upon your needs. So, in order to make a single cup of coffee you would go for a smaller one whereas if your need is more than that you would go for larger one.

Many of the coffee makers available in the market can brew up to 12 coffees but the larger ones can brew up to 20 cups easily.


It is always advisable to measure the height of your kitchen countertops before making a purchase. This is because your coffee maker must go underneath your cabinets.


Every one of us has the different taste and therefore we need a coffee machine which can make coffee depending upon our taste and flavour.

The coffee makers have a heating plate which keeps our coffee warm but when it is there for hours then you may get a burnt taste.


The affordability of a best coffee maker makes it a must in home product. You can get a normal coffee machine in approx. Rs 3000- RS 4000 whereas coffee machine with latest features and specifications can cost a lot more.

For getting at a lesser cost, you can buy online on special occasions and sale.


Before making your final decision, explore the best coffee maker for you and only then make your final decision.