Top 5 Websites That Will Help You In Learning Better

Learning never stops, the mediums might change, the structures might change but one thing that remains constant is learning. From Books to Technology everything has been on the cards to bring your exposure to new things. In the contemporary times, people do not go for the books or the hard copies but instead, they go for E-learning and to contribute to the same we here are with the list of 5 websites that will bring you to information about almost everything and will help you to learn things easily.

  1. Britannica

Britannica is the hub of some quality informative content and what has made me list it amongst the top 5 is because this website brings all the latest news and information to the world. With most of the technological updates, this website is serving in a specific domain that is currently amid the most important domains in the world.

  • Wikipedia

Who in this world would not have heard about Wikipedia? The website was created in the early 2000s and since then it is contributing to the world of information. This is the fifth most visited website in the world and the reason behind the same was the increased range of topics that it covers. You can find anything and everything on this platform and you can even post anything that you want on this platform with the help of Wikipedia writers for hire. This is one of the websites that might lead the list because millions of pages can bring you to anything and everything.


Learning does not only stops with getting to the information but it also comes in with the asking questions and this is what has made me bring this website to the list. Here you can ask everything that you want to know and you will be answered by people who have knowledge about it and the structure of getting you connected with such people makes the best considerations on sharing their expert knowledge with you and the queries you have.

  • Quora

This is another platform that is not just an information sharing platform but more of a forum platform. Just like, this will also let you get the questions to be asked from the people all around the world and from amateurs to professionals anyone can answer it. The queries that you post there might get the responses from millions of people who have diverse knowledge. This website is accessed by millions of people and this is one of the reasons that I have included it in the list of top 5 websites that will make you learn anything and everything and in a much better way.

  • YouTube

Well, you might be surprised to see this in the list but this is what it is. YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn anything. Tutorials and how to videos on YouTube have a bigger part in the YouTube content. This is an opportunity to learn along with visual elements which increases the understanding and thus it would have been wrong to not include this platform in the list of websites that increases your learning.

These are not just websites but these are the opportunities that make you able to bring your knowledge to the maximum. Internet and technology have made the world to have ease at learning and to make it easier for you we have listed all the platforms that you can get to.