What Are The Career Options For Architect Majors?

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An architecture major is an excellent opportunity to develop both technical as well as creative skills. Additionally, because of the wide range of skills involved in this major, students doing architecture will be able to find career opportunities in many industries, including interior design, construction management, and urban planning.

Here are some of the fields where you will be able to use your architecture degree from Bachelor of Architecture in India.


It is the most obvious career option for architecture majors as well as the most popular one. By working as an architect, you will be designing buildings for various clients, including large organizations. The route to finding a specific type of architecture that fits your interests is to ask yourself what kind of buildings you would like to design. Whether the answer is skyscrapers or single-family apartments, identifying the types of structures and also the clients you would like to work with will help you find the perfect role at an architecture firm which will fit your style.

Interior Design

Another popular career option for architecture majors is interior design. This involves coming up with design solutions that maximize the efficiency and style of interior spaces. A designer gives beauty and life into space, while also ensuring that the designs are safe and functional. Just like with architecture, working in the interior design field is all about finding out what types of spaces are appeal you the most and focusing your energies there.


Whether working to build a room, a patio, a cafe, or a house, architecture majors can start their career in construction management where they will be working with coordinating building processes. This can include everything from preparing contracts to tracking the progress of the craftsmen to making sure that the right materials are available for every project. This is an excellent role for someone interested in the management side of construction.


Your bachelor degree in architecture can also be put to use in education, whether this is through teaching high school math or conducting workshops or a seminar on interior design at a community college or private institution. Your architecture major can also help you earn an advanced degree, which will make you eligible for a teaching career in a college or a university.

Urban Planning

An architecture major graduated from any of the Architecture Colleges in Hyderabad can also specialize in urban planning, where they can make the best use of community land by coordinating, analyzing, developing, and reviewing resources. As an urban planner, they will be working alongside public officials and community members to help an area adapt to ever-changing problems, goals, and economies. It involves not only systematic planning but also creativity as there are the two key factors that come out from education as an architect.


The general skill set you will acquire as an architecture major transfers into many fields of business as well. These industries require as much of planning, conceptualization, communication, and attention-to-detail as needed for all jobs in architecture and design. As a result, architecture majors can sometimes find themselves in the position of project managers or directors, working to build companies instead of houses.

A major in architecture help you land some incredibly satisfying career opportunities. The best way to find out the right one for you is to pick a field where your interest lies and then find an internship that will give you the required hands-on experience you will need to make your decision.