How will 5G Technology Rule the World of the Internet

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The world is upon war as to what does 5G Internet’s future holds for us. Many people are still not familiar with the exact nature of 5G and what is it all about. Others believe that it has the power to change the world of the Internet. If 5G becomes as common as your Wi-Fi connections today, ISPs offering deals like Frontier bundle deals would have to up their game as well. Although everyone seems to be aware of the fact that something named 5G is soon coming. But they are still uncertain as to what is 5G capable of.

So, let’s start today’s blog by throwing some light on 5G technology.

What is 5G?

5G networks are what you call the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity. It promises to provide the users with faster speed of the Internet. Faster than they can imagine. Apart from that, it also aims at providing subscribers with safe Internet connections on their smartphones. As security remains a major issue in the world of technology. Not only does the 5G network aim at making the smartphones a safer device but the network is set to make it safe to surf on other devices as well.

If you are thinking that 5G is going to be a couple of Mbps faster, then you are wrong. I don’t know if someone added this to your knowledge or not, but 5G is set to be multitudes faster than the existing connections. To give you an idea, the average download speed that the 5G network will offer is 1GBps.

Expected to launch across the world in 2020, here’s how 5G will rule the world of the Internet.

More Real-Time Connections

Faster Internet will mean that there will be more real-time connections. Because of the faster the Internet, the more you can achieve through it. Fast Internet connection will allow companies to hold live video call sessions with their clients with much ease. It will also allow employees in one company to connect to each other via video calls more easily as well. The consumers will also be able to interact with a certain brand or a product with much ease.

You might have noticed that live video sessions still hang. Or you cannot have one continuous live video session without interruptions. 5G will change that and more. This will also save the people the time and frustration that they go through while reconnecting.

Mobile will Dominate

Because 5G is going to be a mobile Internet service that will provide with amazing speed, mobiles will start dominating. Everyone would like to have access to blazing speed Internet and 5G will offer that. So, they will ditch the other devices and invest in smartphones. This will allow individuals to have access to the fastest Internet network available.

This should be a warning sign for businesses across the world as well. Because of the domination of mobile means that the businesses will have to promote themselves on this platform. If they will fail to do so, companies will most likely have to exit from the market. Companies will now have to aim at making the mobile experience better for their clients. Customers will not give you a second chance. So, start working on it already if you haven’t.

Faster Troubleshooting in the Internet of Things

Among the many benefits that 5G will bring with it, one is the faster troubleshooting in IoT. Usually what happens is that when a client sends a report to a developer after experiencing a software crash, the process takes up to 2 hours. The diagnostics are being talked about here. However, with 5G and the advancement in technology, the world will have access to smart cars, meters, and smart homes. This means that almost everything will become wireless. The Internet connections will, too. Hence, making it convenient and cheap for the troubleshooter to solve the issues via cloud technology.

Augmented Reality Everywhere

With the introduction of 5G, AR will be quite common as well. This is because AR requires a lot of processing power. You are not using AR to its full potential as of now. But after the introduction of 5G, you will be able to un-tap the many possibilities that AR offers. The world will be able to develop some competitive AR powered apps for the mobile as well.

You will forget all about your FiOS Internet plans once 5G becomes common. Although it will be pricey at first, the cost will come down as soon as it becomes common. And that won’t take much time.