Benefits of a Customized GMAT Study Plan

As soon as the GMAT exam date comes near the students start pondering upon the million-dollar question- what study plan one should follow to score &700+ GMAT score. A standard study plan may not work fine for all the students as each student is unique in his/her own way. Hence it is better to go for a customized study plan to achieve the target score.

Challenges faced by students in GMAT

It has been observed students appear in GMAT more than once to get a respected score. However, a well-crafted and customized study plan with a focused mindset will surely lead to a favorable outcome in the first attempt itself. Usually, the following difficulties are faced by students in today’s tight and highly competitive environment:

  1. Not getting enough score in GMAT will deprive the students for future opportunities.
  2. The average GMAT score of top schools is consistently rising every year.

Students need to make a customized GMAT study plan and follow it religiously to achieve success in GMAT.

Following steps can be adhered to make a customized study plan

1- Make your target score for quant and verbal

Make your target score for quant and verbal as per your suitability, strength, and weakness. The strategy for studies shall vary according to the priority attached to the concerned subject. For example, a 700 target score can be distributed according to Q52 and V36 or Q43 and V43. In both, cases, a similar study strategy will not work.

2- Focus on time management

After getting clear about your areas where you need to work more, find out the time required in the subsequent section to move one step ahead. It is highly recommendable to go through online courses for better engagement and active feedback.

3- Individualise your study plan

At this stage, students need to make up their mind for certain decisions like

  1. a) On which GMAT section they will focus first?
  2. b) What will be the sequence of the topics?
  3. c) How much time do they need to spend on each section?

Benefits of a customized study plan

It may occur to you as to why you should invest your precious time in making a customized plan. The following points may help you to know the benefits of a customized GMAT study plan

  1. a) Score more in less time: Even if you are confident enough with the general study plan, a customized study plan saves your time by 30% to get the same score.
  2. b) Get admission on your dream college: A customized study plan will help you to score significantly higher to ensure your admission in the desired college.
  3. c) Chances to win a fellowship: A high score will ensure your admission in your dream college but a higher score will ensure you scholarship from these colleges.

Last words

Students shall identify their strengths and weaknesses while preparing for a GMAT study plan. A well crafted customized plan and a rigorous follow up is the key to good GMAT preparation.