Know What Is MBA In HR? How Will Be The Career?

Are you thinking about better graduation after engineering? Then planning for an MBA is a great step to start a new career for aspiring the high post. So, if you are in a dilemma to choose one of the best options in MBA here, you have a guide to know about something that you should select for your better choice. 

MBA in HR is one of the best courses that keeps you to become manager which supports to take complete responsibility of the organization. Moreover, it is a challenging and inspiring programme of management.

 You may think why to do MBA in HR? Because there are so many specializations in MBA curriculum, then after what is the field of HRM. Know here to know complete information over here.

If you are ready to take this course there are Top Colleges for MBA HR in India. Choose that best MBA college to develop your career with high position. 

It is a 2-year post-graduate program, which trains students in the techniques of human management and the strategies that include recruitment, selection process, the hiring of employees, onboarding,  training, talent acquisition and retention of employees. 

Persons trained in the MBA-HR program are required for the recruitment and screening of potential candidates. This surely increases the scope of MBA in HR, giving more and more job opportunities to proposed candidates. 

Some of the career jobs provide after MBA in HR are:

HR Generalist: This is one of the entry-level posts for a Human Resources MBA graduate. The job description of the post includes working like receiving job applications from candidates, deciding their resumes, selecting documentation, planning recruitment projects and so on. The salary package begins typically at more than INR 2.5 lakhs per annum. 

Staffing Director: This is one of the leading ranking positions while compared with another course. It is the staffing director who is responsible for taking responsibility for making decisions about the existing staff of the company. He plays a vital role in forming the recruitment policies, promotional strategies, and policies relating to transfer and training.

Compensation Manager: The compensation manager takes the response to look into the financial affairs of the company. He provides the salaries for the previous and new employees of the company. He is needed to look at the minimum wages act and the labor laws and assure that the wages he plans for the employees adhere to those laws. He also defines the amount of bonus and profits that are to be given to the employees.

Employee Relations Manager: The Employee Relations Manager role is the bridge between the company and the employees or the business unions. They organize conferences for the employees and trade unions, address any objections or grievances that they may be having and decide disputes between the company and the staff. They have a salary package of about Rs. 5 lakhs per annum.

Technical Recruiter: This is a different job post that available to graduates of MBA in Human Resources. During the recruitment process, he is responsible for examining the technical skills of the recruits and select the ones who are well-versed in the technical aspects. 

This post is very helpful for sectors like IT and Banking. There are many courses to select an MBA program along with this human resource management. There are MBA Finance Course in Hyderabad that make you to get high-level posts in management.

Director of HR Training and Development: This is one of the most prominent and most well-paid positions in the HR sector. He attends training sessions for the new candidates and assures that the training process goes by smoothly without any glitches.