Top 5 Havelis in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is one of the most royal states in India and most of the travelers and tourists go to this place when they feel like unwinding from the chaotic city life. Rajasthan is filled with some of the best forts, Havelis, museums, wildlife sanctuaries and luxurious hotels.

Every Haveli/mansions in Rajasthan has an enormous history associated with it. For those who would love to deep dive into the history of our Indian heritage and culture taking a trip to these gigantic and marvelous Havelis to become very important. These mansions are not just of historical significance but, they also are considered to be some of the best architectural wonders. Right from the intricate designs to the vivid colors that are used, these Havelis can give you a visual treat when you are in Rajasthan. Let us quickly take a tour of the top 5 Havelis of Rajasthan!

1. Mohandas Ishwardas Haveli

This is one of the Havelis which everyone should go to when they are in Rajasthan. Located in the Shekhawati region, this is one of the mansions which are known for its amazing art. Not many people visit this Haveli and hence, it remains as an untouched. It looks like the artist has made use of frescos and murals to decorate the Haveli in a very gorgeous manner.  The walls and the ceilings are made using some of the best mirror works. Jhunjhunu has some other Havelis as well however; this is one of the wonderful Havelis.

2. Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli

Located in Fatehpur, Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli has been one of the most visited Havelis in Rajasthan.  This Haveli is also made using the art of Frescos and Murals and the designs that are made are exquisite. One must certainly make a visit to this Haveli to learn the essence of real beauty. Considered to be one of the most beautifully designed Havelis going here during your trip to Rajasthan would certainly give you some amazing experience.

3. Sunheri Kothi Tonk

This is also one of the grandest Havelis that is located close to Sawai Madhopur Highway. The Haveli is situated at a distance of 30km from the highway and this is one of the forts which are extremely famous. This fort is also known as the Golden Mansion of the Tonk and when you are here, it is important to visit this place without a miss.

4. Dharni Dhakra Haveli Nawalgarh

This mansion is also located in the Jhunjhunu District. This is one of the districts that have quite a number of artistic forts and mansions. Nawalgarh has been forming the major part of the Shekhawati region. The most artistic forms of Havelis are constructed in Rajasthan using the murals and frescos. Some of the oldest and decorated mansions in Rajasthan are found here and most of the tourists visit this place. Known as one of the most visited Havelis, Dharni Dhakra Haveli Nawalgarh is a classic example that shows the skills of the artists during that period.

5. Patwon Ki Haveli

This mansion has been regarded as one of the best amongst all the Havelis that are present in Rajasthan. Patwon Ki Haveli has been one of the most visited Havelis because of its unbeatable architecture and style. A group of five Havelis all puts together forms this gigantic Haveli. Along with the architecture, the peripheral of the Haveli is completely covered with shades of gold. This Haveli is known to be constructed in the 18th century by one of the richest traders and his five sons.

Also, the Haveli has been constructed for over fifty years and the kind of art which is made using the mirror is commendable. When you are here, you must certainly not miss checking the wall paintings when you visit this Haveli. 

Well, these are some of the most beautiful Havelis that you must visit when you are planning for a trip to the magnificent Rajasthan