Ayahuasca for complete pastoral-spiritual counseling

complete pastoral-spiritual counseling

If you have consumed much information about Ayahuasca and its associated healing rituals and properties; It is high time to analyze the right Ayahuasca Centre Peru to choose a place that is qualified and safe. Thinking about the possibly best retreat center: it is tough to estimate but achievable. But where should you start and what to find exactly while looking for experiencing the most significant and life-changing opportunity?

Is this your first ayahuasca experience?  Here are a few but indispensable factors you should probably look for before reserving your Ayahuasca Centre Peru.

Explore ‘safety’ options” should be the foremost concern.

  • Do your research: Experiencing ayahuasca ceremony has unending possibilities, so stretch your dimensions before opting for one. For some, it is scary as hell: kind of facing death. What exactly are you off to? Knowing these details is imperative as every detox or purging takes ample strength both physically and mentally.
  • Consider the retreat modalities: There are some retreats who practice traditional songs ‘icaros’, and flower bath during the ceremony, and on the other hand, multimodal ceremonial approach are framed to accommodate as per your wish.
  • Analyze the traditional setting: Comfort is important. Do not compromise with your accommodation service, as you are looking for recreation, and it is highly inappropriate if you opt for no electricity, no Wi-Fi, no phone connection and water-less facility. English or any international speaking translator must be assured from the very beginning and thus, to make sure you feel safe, spend only for a complete western style retreat. 
  • Search and search more online: The more you browse the more knowledge you gathered, but you may also get perplexed due to indefinite information. Look for feedback videos and those few site reviews, popping constantly. Or else, go for an official tourist information office for helpful guidance.
  • Ask for the authentic ayahuasca brew: Be aware of the essentials used for Ayahuasca brew.  Pharmaceuticals and plant medicines should not be mixed. Usually, there are only 2 ingredients: Ayahuasca and Chacruna. If you are not sure of the DMT containing plant or have little doubt, then you owe complete justifications regarding the ingredients.
  • Get along with the Shamans, their experience matters Google the best Shaman, as according to the tradition, it takes 20 years to become a Shaman.  
  • Select more than one Ayahuasca ceremony: To get through one Ayahuasca ceremony will not help you in any way, as to understand the beneficial impact, have some minimum gap between each ceremony to process. Minimum 4 ceremonies are referred and referred to as ‘a circle’, further denotes a new source of energy.
  • Estimate the Size of the Group: Again, customize your ayahuasca retreat to control your recreational time. According to the research and feedbacks, 10 people are maximum to include in one ceremony. Each group will have one Shaman to coordinate the ceremony, as innumerable experience will hinder and motivate you to locate your passage to divinity. 

Get to know about Ayahuasca-experiences, as according to many, it is a bumpy ride. There is no better way to encounter ‘ayahuasca’ with Caya Shobo, as we are about ayahuasca safety, psychological preparation, and integrating pre-post-season support.