3 Ways Corrugated Packaging Increases Sales

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Corrugated Cartons are one of the best and safest ways to pack your products. Not only are they durable, but also the best option If you want to cut down the packaging cost. Whenever brands want to improve their image and sales, they work on their packaging so that the image is represented well. Here are 3 reasons why such packaging boosts your sales: 

They are safe and durable

As compared to the typical carton packing, RoshPack corrugated sheets offer a lot more safety and protection to your products. The reason is that a carton has only a single layer. Whereas, corrugated packing has three layers, where a central flute is sandwiched in between. This is the layer which helps to cushion your products and protect them from breaking. We all know how important it is to transport our products safe and sound. After so much hassle of transportation, you feel disappointed if you find your end product broken apart! Not only one, sometimes an entire shipment is damaged in between. 

Corrugated packaging’s main benefit is its durability. You can even send fresh food product in it, and it will retain its freshness and aroma. The moisture is not gained inside, so the products are not contaminated by bacteria. The products whether for the consumers or the customers can be transported safe and sound. Additional padding can be easily added in between to offer extra protection through corrugated cartons

Create your Personalized Designs, at low Costs

One of the best features about corrugated packaging is that you can create custom designs on the packaging which represents your brands and products. Whether it is the food items, clothes or even electronics, you can design it all. A custom made product is necessary to improve your sales and attract more people to your brand. A logo or your company details will also attract more attention to the brand. Personalized designs also include selecting an appropriate color scheme, patterns, prints, and written text. The cost of managing and designing such boxes is also low. So, if you want to create a custom packaging or custom printed boxes, you can do so in such material. 


A lot of companies are now focusing on replacing plastic and using materials which are sustainable and eco-friendly. Corrugated cardboard packaging is one of those. You can easily use it for whatever packing you want, be it packing medicine inside a medicine box or something else. When you use this material, you are conveying your customers that you are a brand which cares a lot about the green earth initiative. This is a positive way to promote your brand. 

Not only that, but this material can also be recycled and reused easily since it is made with resources that help to achieve that. So, if you are looking for the most eco-friendly option, then corrugated packaging is your best option. 

RoshPack provides a lot of designs of corrugated boxes to choose from, whether you are looking for food items, clothes, electronics or custom boxes. You can easily view and select the best!