How to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move?

“To get some smart tips on packing your kitchen, kindly give this blog a good read now”.

When it comes to moving, one of the most important rooms in the house that needs your attention is the kitchen. And packing your kitchen into a few boxes is not a joke. It requires adequate skill, patience and of course, proper know-how.

This is the reason why you must approach a Miami moving company for kitchen packing services. They would make sure that all your items – starting from the appliances to your fragile Kitchen China are safe. They not only have the experience to pack them properly but they even understand that your belongings mean so much to you. If you have any expensive items in the kitchen, I would suggest you get it insured without any second thoughts.

And here are a few more tips for you for packing your kitchen essentials.

The first thing which you should do is being very selective when you sort out the items. This should the initial step and should be completed before calling the Miami movers. You have to be selective. Go through cabinets, drawers, etc. and find out items that you don’t need. If there is anything which you haven’t use in the past six months, give it away. Arrange a garage sale or ask your friends to take them. You can even donate them. You can consider giving the perishable food items to shelters or food banks. You will feel good about it.

Secondly, prepare an essentials bag that you will need in the first two days in your new house and the last two days are your current house such as toaster, coffee maker, dishes or paper plates, soap, coffee, and tea leaves, etc. You can order in food during these times as it would be a little difficult to cook in such a mess.

If you are packing by yourself or have hired local or long distance movers Miami to pack the kitchen for you, make sure that the not frequently items get into the boxes at first. Some of them are cookbooks, vases, cake oven, wine glasses, small appliances, cookie sheets, barbecue tongs, meat mallets and other special utensils that you only use during house parties, serving plates, etc. Cookbooks should be packed in a way books are packed. You can read my other articles for some idea.

You must also ask the movers to pack the wine and liquor bottles with immense care. The unopened cooking oil, vinegar, etc. should also be packed with care so that they don’t spill. That will destroy the other items as well.

Pack the cutlery drawer with care. The appliances need to be prepared before you pack them into boxes.

Packing the pantry also requires skill. If there are opened jars, tape them up. Start packing the spices and then move on to the other items. Give time to this chore. Otherwise, you can be in a mess. You can also ask your movers about the items that they would move and the ones that they won’t. If it is a local move, they might agree to move some of the perishables. So make sure you get the list from them.

So now that you know how to pack the heart of the house, I hope that it would be easier for you. However, make sure that you take the help of the pros for this task as they would certainly come prepared with all the materials and tools, which would make your job easier.

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