Components of AC: Understand the Important Parts of An Air Conditioner

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In this modern era, rising pollution is one of the major problems in metropolitan areas. With the increase of industry & infrastructure, the need for fresh air is essential. In a hot and sunny day, you just don’t want your AC to break down. In every urban Indian city, the demand for air conditioners is growing more and more. And as per a survey, the demand for cooling appliances in Mumbai has risen to enormous levels. Some appliances have been considered mandatory for an Indian home till now, for example, the washing machines, and refrigerator. In a few years, even the air conditioner will be considered as an integral part of an Indian home. So, will it not be useful, if you know the important components of AC for your benefit? If you can complete reading this article at a single stretch, you will be able to gain enough information for a lifetime.

How is AC Beneficial For Your Life?

  • It reduces the possibility of asthma attacks. If one among your family members have asthmatic and sinus problems, then dust and pollen can make them fall ill. The air conditioner can extract the dust and make the air in your home pure.
  • Do you have a gym at home? Then an air conditioner will make the place comfortable so that you can exercise for long hours.
  • In the red hot summer, do you find difficult to sleep? Are you one among them? Then the installation of an AC in your bedroom can reduce the hot air in the room and promote good sleep.
  • It also prevents electronic items from overheating.

Now, here are some important parts of an AC model. You should have proper knowledge of the following –

1. Thermostat

One of the important components of AC. A piece of small information about the thermostat. What is the main job of an air conditioner? To cool the atmosphere of your home. This job is done effectively by the thermostat. If the outside temperature is hot, you can set the thermostat to the required level. This part will work until the temperature comes down to the desired level.

2. Air filter-

The air filter is one of the most important components of the air conditioner. It keeps this home appliance safe and also ensures your family members stay in the best of health. An air conditioner can carry forward the process devoid of the filter. But the other components will directly collect the dust and dirt from the air. That will damage the parts of the appliance. Please make sure you install an efficient air filter. You need to check if the model you have needs manual cleaning of the air filter or it has an automatic cleaning feature.

3. Fan-

The fan and fins together draw the heat away, so that it does not affect the unit. The fan always controls the AC blower. It helps in distributing the air throughout your home. When the system overheats, it automatically runs to cool down the system. When the system reaches the temperature as per your need, it shuts down automatically.

4. Condensing coil-

It is an outdoor component equivalent to the evaporator coil. The refrigerant always travels from the compressor to the condenser. The coil transports the heat collected indoors to the outside part of your home. It circulates back to collect more heat from the evaporator coil, once the refrigerant is cooled down.

5. Compressor-

It plays a major role in the cooling cycle and the system. It raises the temperature, pressure and the refrigerant turns into a gas and leaves the evaporator coil. It helps in transforming heat from the home to the condenser. Once the refrigerant has lost its heat, it gets converted to a liquid and goes once again to the insides of your home. The cycle starts once again. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and once again sends it to the compressor to lose heat.

6. Evaporator coil-

It is an indoor component located near the blower. It is responsible for extracting the heat from the environment. It is possible because of the refrigerant passing through the coil. If you ever feel that your room is not cooling as per the need, then remember that the issue may be because of a bad evaporator coil.

7. Blower-

Its main function is to generate air movement to the environment where it is conditioned. The blower fans blow the warm air away and let in the cooler air.


Have you gone across the important components of AC in this article? There may be other parts in the appliance, but they are of less significance. And one factor holds prominence in every electronic home appliances. The maintenance part. Yes, the new technologies have come, and they have made a significant improvement even in the home appliance sector. We are talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovations. There are smart refrigerators where you have the in-built feature called Smart Diagnosis. It will give an alarm or send a message if any part has malfunctioned.

This is the next step of home appliances. Even in the normal air conditioner models of today, many will wait for the problem signs to get noticed before giving maintenance service. For example, when the air conditioner does not give cool air, then you think about the service. For instance, you have an AC in your Hyderabad home. Sounds are coming from the air conditioner and of late, the appliance does not give the required quantity of cool air. What is the next step? You can contact the service center of the brand if the appliance has a warranty. Or else, you need to search for the best technician offering AC service and repair in Hyderabad. You can get the details in the app of the companies offering household services in Hyderabad. You can make the booking within five minutes and get the appliance repaired in quick time.

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