10 Free Drawing Apps for Android

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Those of us who like to draw do not always have a pencil and paper on hand to start scribbling when they feel like it. However, you probably have your smartphone with you almost all the time. Fortunately, many applications are available on Android to unleash your creativity.

We’ve selected free drawing apps for android that let you unleash your creativity wherever you are; a list that covers a variety of tools to ensure that each artist can find the perfect application that matches their preferences.

List of 10 Free Drawing Apps for Android

01. Artflow

It would be impossible not to repeat themselves by talking about the functionality of these applications since most of them share a lot of common features.

ArtFlow, like most of these applications, offers a wide range of brushes to choose from (more than 80), but this application stands out above all by its ability to work in high resolution (up to 4096 × 4096 if your device allows it).

In addition to allowing you to work with your layered designs, you can also import and export PSD files. That’s exactly what makes this app the perfect tool for working with Photoshop for desktop.

02. PaperDraw

Whether you use a pen or not, drawing with PaperDraw is a user-friendly experience. Its interface is clear and the way each of its many drawing tools works is more intuitive than many other similar applications.

That said, the fact that it’s simple to use does not make it a simplistic application: you have a huge color palette and each of the proposed brushes can be adjusted for thickness and intensity.

It’s the perfect app for anyone looking for an experience similar to a real sketchbook.

03. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It would be a crime not to include one of the many Adobe applications on this list.

We chose Photoshop Sketch for the fact that it’s closest to a virtual sketchbook.

As with Adobe products, you must log in to start drawing. But once done, you will be surprised by a large number of tools available to you.

And as usual, you can export your creations to continue using them later in Photoshop or Illustrator.

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04. ibisPaint X

Large numbers can be scary, and that’s exactly what can happen when many users open ibisPaint X and find 142 different brush styles. Yes, you read correctly, 142.

But there is no need to worry about a large number of options available. Each user can adapt the experience as they please. That’s why this application is perfect for all kinds of users, even if the more experienced users will probably get the most out of it.

05.Simple Draw

If you are looking for simplicity first and foremost, Simple Draw will be a perfect application.

All you have here is a blank canvas and a brush with which you can scribble. Although you can change the thickness and color you use, the app does not offer many more options.

It is perfect for those who want simple and direct drawing possibilities. Fortunately, you can save your creations without problems.

06. Madibang Paint

MadiBang Paint is a lightweight application for digital painting and comic book creation that is perfect for comics and manga artists. It supports multiple platforms and is available for mobile, Mac and Windows.

It includes more than 100 free brushes, different tones, textures, backgrounds, and comic-book tools. You can access cloud storage and manage, save, and share your work effectively. All the features of the app are available for free without any in-app purchases. It is free to download and contains ads.

07. Sketchbook

SketchBook is an award-winning Android drawing app that appeals to both beginners and creative professionals. It includes ten customizable brushes, six blend modes, and three different layers. You can also open and export PSD files while preserving layers and blend modes. You also have the option to cancel to infinity.

The free version is ad-supported and covers all essential features. There is also a professional version available for in-app purchase and offer over 160 customizable brushes with dozens of other advanced features.

Plus, by upgrading to the pro version, you get a professional level digital drawing tool, perfect for serious artists.

Recently, Autodesk Sketchbook’s publisher decided to make this app totally free so enjoy!

08. Dotpict

Dotpict is one of the most unique design applications available. This one allows you to make pixel art.

Dotpict displays a grid on which you can zoom in and move around to create small scenes or characters simply by filling pixel areas. You can then zoom out to see your entire creation. The app also includes autosave, undo and restore, and you can export your work when you’re done.

Apart from that, she remains rather light. This is an excellent app for those who like to create pixel art.

09. RoughAnimator

RoughAnimator is a drawing application that allows you to create animations. Instead of creating a still image that you can export and share, RoughAnimator lets you create complete animations. You can create your pictures frame by frame and then link them at the end to create small cartoons.

It also includes features to control the frequency and resolution of images, as well as simple drawing tools. Completed projects can be exported as GIF, a QuickTime video, or a sequence of images.

10. Sketch-Draw & Paint

Sketch-Draw & Paint is a free drawing application for Android, with more than 50 million downloads. It brings an intuitive and user-friendly drawing and photo editing experience, regardless of your skills.

With several brushes, pens, and pencils, this app also offers several stickers that you can overlay your images. You can create advanced sketches with layers, zoom in to paint fine details, and save and synchronize your drawings across multiple devices.

It’s free to download and contains ads and in-app purchases.

So ends this article 10 Free Drawing Apps for Android. I hope he helped you choose the application that best suits your aspirations. If you have questions, put them in the comments box.