Field Service Management Play a Major Role In Telecom Industry

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Field Service Management (FSM) is a boon for the service industry. Coordinating with the field executives has become easier and quicker with the introduction of field service management. Field Service Management has especially streamlined and optimized the processes of the telecom industry. 

The telecom industry has incorporated field service management to manage its field staff better and enhance the customer experience. Read on to know the role of field service management in the telecom industry and how it has benefitted the same.

Field Executives Play a Major Role in the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry caters directly to the customers. The services it offers are directly used by the end-users. The back-office staff members work hard to provide the best of services to the customers. 

The field executives play a major role in the telecom industry. They interact with the new, existing and potential customers, brief them about the products and services offered and also offer the required services. 

They require working on the leads generated by the backend staff. They are the ones who actually bring in business and provide services in the real sense.

So, there are different kinds of field executives in the telecom industry. Some handle sales, others install and set up services for the users while yet others provide after-sales service. Now, they alone cannot accomplish all these tasks efficiently. 

They require support from the backend team to carry out many of the tasks. Field service management has led to easy communication and coordination between the two and has enhanced the overall customer service experience.

Field Service Management (FSM) ensures Faster and Better Services  

 All the tasks carried out by the field executives were earlier logged, monitored and managed manually. This often resulted in an error due to miscommunication. It also led to delays thereby ruining the entire customer experience. 

With the integration of Field Service Management, the accuracy, as well as speed, has increased a great deal. The requests and complaints from the customers are directly logged in the system that both back-office agents, as well as field executives, have access to. 

The information entered can be seen as it is and thus there is no scope of miscommunication. Besides, the field executives can be contacted easily and communicated about different sales leads and service requests while they are still in the field. This helps in managing the tasks better and saves a lot of time and effort.

Tracking and Monitoring Field Staff Made Easy

It is also easier to track and monitor the field staff with this advanced technology. Each call needs to be entered into the system. So, it gives a clear picture of the number of cases the field executives are handling on any given day. 

The kind of service provided by them is also tracked as the customer feedback is captured in the system. This works as a driving force for the field executives. It also helps the management understand the scope of improvement.

Increased Revenue Generation

Field Service Management ensures greater efficiency, faster delivery of services and better after-sales support. All in all, it enhances the customer experience and thus increases the revenue generation which is the ultimate aim of every organization.