Catalog Marketing Strategy: The Significance Of Fonts And Their Types

It goes without saying that we take print fonts for granted. However, they are far more important than many of us might think. It is essential that marketing materials like catalogs and booklets are reader-friendly, and the effective use of print fonts is the best way of achieving this.

Printing catalogs is an effective marketing strategy to boost sales. Catalogs printing services provide you with a variety of catalog printing designs to choose from which may include photographs, tips, and content for your own intended purposes and marketing objectives.

However, catalog printing quality should not be the only thing you should be considerate of. Your catalog text must be clear and easy to read but should also fit with your overall brand identity. The font of your content also plays a vital role in uplifting your content and thus in promoting your services and products.

Today’s Most Commonly Used Fonts

Nowadays, there is a seemingly endless number of print fonts to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. In a bid to avoid death by boredom, the following is an explanation of the most common print font types used by businesses today.

  • Serif

With its immediately recognizable projection at the end of each stroke, Serif has become one of, if not the most widely used print font type of the modern era. Serif fonts are often used to illustrate establishment, tradition, and age signifying authority, professionalism, and trust. This makes them a great choice for University and Corporate brands. The first serif fonts can be traced back to the Roman Empire, from which the popular Serif print font ‘Times New Roman’ takes its name.

  • Sans Serif

Unlike Serif, Sans Serif fonts have no projections (or feet) at the end of each stroke, Sans is a French word meaning without. While sans serif fonts can also be traced back 5th-century inscriptions, they generally have a more modern feel to written pieces of text. This may explain why technology powerhouses such as Apple utilize Sans Serif fonts throughout their marketing material. The most popular of all sans serif fonts has to be Helvetica, so much so that the typeface got its own movie, “Helvetica”, back in 2007.

  • Script

Famed for its use of elegant curls and swirls, Script fonts are intended to resemble the calligraphy of yesteryear. Script fonts, for me, are the original type-faces, reverting back to a time before the machine printing press when all things were written by hand. Although aesthetically pleasing, Script is not optimal for large chunks of text and, as such, is used sparingly by professional companies.  Rather, they convey a personal touch and are perfect for use in travel, tourism and anywhere that a brand wants to talk “to” and not “at” its consumers.

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Why Are Print Fonts Important?
Listed below are just some of the reasons why you should never overlook the importance of print fonts for your business catalogs.

  • Clear communication – By using clear, easy-to-read print fonts, you will ensure that your marketing material is reader-friendly.
  • Spark emotion – Print fonts can change the way in which your message is received and, when used properly, accelerate your sales.
  • Grab on to attention – Aesthetic print fonts can liven up large pieces of mundane text, keeping readers engaged in areas in which they otherwise would not be.
  • Establish step-by-step information – The varied use of fonts can differentiate sections within your marketing material, thus adding to their accessibility.
  • Minimize eye fatigue – Unobtrusive print fonts will minimize the risk of text becoming an eyesore on the page, increasing the likelihood of consumption from customers and clients.
  • Garner brand awareness and consistency – The consistent use of a specific print font throughout the entirety of a business’s marketing efforts will achieve a consistent brand experience across all channels.
Give your business a boost by using catalogs as an effective marketing tool. Services of Online printing California will help you give your business catalogs the perfect look of your choice. However, all this should not make you forget using a font which is reader-friendly and reflects your brand’s personality. For it will definitely help you gain an important spot in the minds of your customers.