The Most Popular Discounts and Promotions to Set for Your Repair Shop

Let it be any industry or market, successful companies related to any repair niche know that sales promotions are among the most effective methods of increasing sales and building customer satisfaction. Sales promotions have been used for decades to great success and that gets the immediate attention of customers is the board with outstanding offers and discounts. We all know that no customer would like to say NO to a shop where they are going some discount package.

You don’t need to launch offers every week but, on some special events, giving offers doesn’t hurt but gets you a handful of new customers and a chance to shake hands with old ones. Also, by using a complete POS software that covers the marketing efforts for you, it is not difficult to manage offers now. There are many offers that repair shops keep throwing in the market to get mob attracted towards them but here are a few customers love all the time.

We get that coming up with new sales promotion ideas at your repair shop can be a challenge. To make it easier for you, we’ve collected the best sales promotion examples we can find to inspire you. These’ll help you to win more customers and earn more revenue.

  • Stay Connected, Get Discounts- The trend of offering loyalty discounts keeps your old customers stick to you. When someone is getting an advantage of staying connected, they’ll definitely prefer your repair shop over any other shop in the town. You can offer loyalty discounts to both new and old customers, to keep your brand repute high. This way your customers won’t fly away from you
  • Discount Proportional to Quantity– Most of the offices or houses have multiple devices that are out of order and going out to get a single device repaired at a time is very time-consuming. Most of the people prefer to take one trip and get all the devices repaired, upgraded or cleaned up in one go. But paying for more than one device can cost a big deal so, what they look for in the market is a shop that offers best discounts. Giving some percentage off the bill can get you many customers with chances to generate more revenue.
  • Resale Discounts- As soon as something is trending or a new model of some popular brand is out in the market, the stream of customers is diverted towards it leaving behind old phones unused. This will sky-rocket your sales by offering resale discounts where if a customer walks into resale an old phone, he is given a discount coupon for whatever he buys next.
  • Discount in Most Frequent Repairs- Problems and issues with phones are never-ending and they’ll keep dragging customers to your repair shop every now and then. All you can do to help your customers feel at home is to offer them concessions on repair services that you do most frequently at your store, or you can simply offer them service plans with different offers. Or you can offer a package for families where there is more than one device.
  • Reward Referrals- Customers are the best way you can spread good words about your shop. A good and positive review of happy customers can get you a line of fresh customers. To keep your customers coming back to you, you can offer them referral discounts. Upon referring new customers to your shop, you can give 5% or 10% off to ones who referred them. This way people will be encouraged to mention your repair store to others. RepairDesk offers a referral program, where you can note down about your source (how did you hear about us) and hence you can draw results by finding out that which source served you the best in bringing customers.

Everybody loves a discounted deal, and as Black Friday & Cyber Monday have constantly proven that year after year, consumers will go crazy over a good price. Use holidays and events in our Marketing Calendar to your advantage by having sales or specials at your business.

If you’re still hesitating to offer one because of the extra calculations you will have to make or papers you will have to fill up then you need to switch to not just any mobile shop management software but to an all-in-one repair shop software, that is, RepairDesk. Sign up with us, throw an offer in the market, lay back and let RepairDesk handle all!