How buyer personas help you curate quality content

A content marketing campaign without a sound content strategy will prove to be ineffective. Suppose, there has been recent research about bad and good sleeping habits, every individual that has been facing similar issues would rush to read it. That is what experts call as a win-win situation since it did not only benefit the reader but it also benefited the writer’s agenda. It entirely depends upon the level of research you have conducted. You can be a great writer or a storyteller but if you do not know how to compile the facts and content you accumulate according to your buyer’s ‘persona’ then it will never reach out to the relevant audience.

Now, what exactly is a buyer persona? Before you proceed to understand further about a buyer persona, know that it heavily relies on your content strategy. In fact, a well-researched content strategy begins after you have researched and jotted down your buyer persona.

Content creation and buyer personas

Next, it is to know the correlation of a buyer persona with content creation. Suppose, you have to create content for your website. Now your website will be used to attract customer attention and in turn, drive them to make an order or avail a particular service. For that, create a blog page for your website and then keep updating it with categories relevant to your website’s persona.

Your website’s persona is built by knowing the reading preferences of your customers. For example, you own a parenting platform where you counsel individuals to become better parents and assist them with parenting tips for the future betterment of their mental wellbeing as well as of their children. Now visualize your website’s design and user interface. It will have a landing page and an ‘About Us’ page where you will add how your counseling services are the best around town.

Afterward, pay heed to the blog section of your website. But you should never be random with the content selection as it will hinder in your search engine optimization techniques as well as other formats of marketing. Create a content calendar and choose topics that your audience would love to read. These topics can be related to a ‘How-To’ guide or a simple solution to their current issues written in a compelling manner.

That is the power of knowing a buyer persona beforehand. You will know every intricate detail about your reader’s preferences and that way you can easily shift their interest towards you and your brand’s offering.

Content curation for video marketing

Content marketing is not only limited to the search engine. While websites do rely on content the most, so do videos. A video marketing campaign needs to have a script and surprisingly, the script matters the most than the video or animation itself. The curation of video content, however, is a bit expensive as compared to other mediums of digital media and marketing.

Take the example of Wikipedia. It is an open-source platform that does not cost you anything. If you have a notable presence on the internet already then the chances of Wikipedia page creation for yourself or your brand becomes easier and it does not cost you anything at all. However, when it comes to video marketing, the effort to make a video along with the budget is not only increased but also so is the time and effort required to make the video.

Since video marketing has the power to generate quick results as it is the era of user engagement and interaction, you should not worry about the costliness of video production. Just make sure you have calculated each of your expenses required to create the video along with the script required for it. Again, the script you write should be curated according to your buyer persona.

Knowing your brand persona also plays a great role in shaping your branding needs. You should always begin your digital marketing campaigns by trying out different ideas and concepts. There is no harm in being experimental as it allows you to explore further areas of uniqueness and creativity in your brand’s own niche. Know your marketing story and pay heed to it, eventually, you will shape your brand’s persona in no time.


While every brand or organization has a specific niche to follow, there is still room for experimental campaigns. You can even merge two or more concepts together and it will give form to a unique content marketing campaign. This area of marketing entirely relies on your potential for creativity and how imaginative your mind can become. If you think you are lacking at some point then maybe you should try out something new and look around for ideas that can shape your brand persona further.