Frequently Asked Questions about the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

People spend a lot of time indoor and to make sure that our indoor air quality is neat they always look out for the ways to clean the air quality. Himalayan rock salt lamps are the trending item for natural air cleansing in your space. They are very easy to operate and maintain, and that’s why they are the choice of thousands of customers.

It doesn’t matter that whether you are looking for relief from allergies and asthma or just looking for a soothing and beautiful home décor lightning source, a salt lamp is the best solution. Its warm glow provides soothing and calming ambiance at home.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Himalayan pink rock salt lamp:

  1. What is Himalayan Salt Lamp?
  2. Do Himalayan Salt lamps actually work?
  3. Can you sleep with a Himalayan salt lamp on?
  4. Can salt lamp catch on fire?
  5. How to use a salt lamp?
  6. How to clean Himalayan salt lamp?

What is Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamp is a lightning décor item that is made of Himalayan pink salt that is extracted from the khewra region of Pakistan. They are mostly hand-carved or available in the decorative metal or bamboo basket with a small bulb is fitted inside them. They offer a warm and amber glow when lit and may be beneficial for the indoor air quality.

Do Himalayan Salt lamps actually work?

According to some people claims Himalayan salt lamps provide negative ions that can help to improve health issues. As they contain a high trace of other minerals compared with the ordinary salt. While some people claim that salt lamps own no health benefits, but it can help to relax you because of their warm glow and it may help to soothe your senses. Their glow may work as an antidote for your eye.

Can you sleep with Himalayan salt lamp on?

The answer is yes, Himalayan salt lamps are safe to use. You can place them in your bedrooms are in your kid’s bedroom. They may help to promote better sleep and their soothing light will affect your mood naturally by helping against your work stress or anxieties. You can use some rock salt lamps on your bedside table or some companies like WBM is now offering the specific night lights that are made of metal baskets that are filled with salt chunks. The best thing is that you can adjust their lights according to your mood and they are wall plugin and 360 degrees rotatable.

Can salt lamp catch on fire?

The Himalayan salt lamp may catch fire but it only happens if its cord is not made of good quality material, so it heats up and may catch fire. If you are thinking of buying a salt lamp, buy it from the trusted sellers and manufacturers. Check if their cord is made of good quality and approved by the UL standards. It is best if the cord is certified by ETL.

How to use salt lamp?

When you buy your salt lamp you will notice that is doesn’t ready to plug-in and that’s normal as they are shipped this way to protect the cord and lamp during shipping. Just place the bulb in the holder and attach the cord to the lamp if it’s not attached. Use clean hands because the oil on your skin may fuse the bulb when it is heated.

How to clean Himalayan salt lamp?

Cleaning your salt lamp is easy, just turn off your lamp, unplug it and allow it to cool down. Take moisten a soft cloth, it should be damp, not wet. Clean your salt lamp with this damp cloth softly and let it air dry.