Dubai City Tours- Fascinating, Mesmerizing and Exciting

There are a lot of travel agencies and companies which are organizing city tours in Dubai. You have options for a half-day or a full day ride; however, half-day is too short a time to tour this magnificent city. We will run you through the must-visit places that most of the tours cover. Of course, if you want to see more, you can have customizable packages catering to your specific desires.

Magical Night Tour

This is a unique experience where the tour begins at the start of the night and is a panoramic night tour of the city. You can try out the local cuisine or follow the nightlife, as Dubai as a city never sleeps.

Dubai Creek Arabian Dhow Cruise

Dubai creek is a large saltwater creek, dividing Dubai into two parts. This cruise will focus on a lovely ride on the traditional Arabian dhows (boats). Historically, this was the only port in the city, which enabled commercial trading. Most of the pearling industry was based around this saltwater creek. During the cruise, there are onboard activities such as singing performances, tanoura dances and different types of show. Besides that, you get a panoramic view of the old quarters of Dubai.

Half-Day Tours

These tours only focus on the main attractions, covering the old city. You can visit the gold and spice souks and also visit the Dubai Museum and the oldest building in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort. This Dubai city tour will ensure that you have a great trip despite the short time you spend on it.

Hatta Valley and Dubai evening Safari

The tour will take you through the Hatta Mountain Conservation, with deep gorges and to the filled with spring water, spell-binding canyons, dramatic and rugged mountains.  On this tour, you will see the old traditional method of watering the dates; you will get the unique opportunity to see fossil dating back to 80 million years. In the evening, post-lunch, you will be taken on a ride in a 4×4, across the mesmerizing sand dunes and watching the sunset around traditional Bedouin campsites; entertained by belly dancers moving to the rhythm of hauntingly sweet Arabian music. 

Future City Tour

This Dubai tour focuses only on the developing city, and its high skyscrapers and newer architectural achievements. It takes you around all the tallest man-made architectural wonders and is one of a kind.

Heritage Dinner safari

This tour allows you to feel like we have gone back in time. You will be taken across the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in quaint 1950s style Land Rovers. Dubai heritage tour will also give you the traditional Bedouin experience, as you dine around the campsite and enjoy traditional henna tattoo and smoke aromatic shisha pipes. You can also partake in the art of coffee and bread making on this tour.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is an initiative taken by the tourism department of Dubai and is a month-long festival which has many offers and products available at discounted rates. This is a great time for shopaholics to visit the city and take advantage of the relatively affordable prices.

These are just a few of the many options available if you want to explore this great city. There are too many Dubai tour packages available to mention all, and you can rest assured that there is something for everyone here. So, there is no question of being bored.