How to Create a Best Custom Boxes & Packaging Design Brief?

A large number of products are available in the market these days to fulfill the needs of the individuals in an efficient manner. These items are of different types and nature, and thus, every detail is required to be packed in a specific manner. Other than that, the choice of the users must also be kept in mind while designing the containers for them. The custom boxes are manufactured specifically according to the wishes and demands of the customers by keeping the needs of the products in mind. The following are the parameters which must be pondered upon while designing the personalized containers.

Choose the proper material:

The nature of the material of the containers is of utmost importance, as it will determine the final nature of the encasements. A large number of substances are present in the market and are chosen according to the types of products which are going to be encased in them. If the items are sensitive and fragile like mobile phones, laptop computers, glass products and other types of electronic goods, then cardboard is considered the most preferred choice for the custom packaging of these types of items. The reason is that this material is naturally thick, strong, and durable. It is composed of a number of layers that are able to provide extra protection to the products. It also has the ability to withstand a wide range of external temperature and pressure. Therefore, the personalized cases manufactured from this material provide safety and security to the products during the storage as well as during the general use.

On the other hand, if the items to be packed are themselves strong and sturdy, then there is no need for multi-layered substances. In that case, the only purpose is to cover the products from dirt and pollution. Hence, a thin paper board might be able to serve this function. Similarly, the food items are required to be packed in bio-friendly material like Kraft, which protects the ingredients and composition of the food from contamination.

Consider the purpose of packing:

Packing of the products is done for various purposes. In retail businesses, the main aim of covering the product is to increase their sales using two significant characteristics of the custom boxes. Firstly, create a sense of security that the product is safe and is covered with the help of durable containers. While the second purpose is to increase the display value or shelf value of the item by implementing unique and creative designs in order to impress upon the customers and make the product stand out in the crowd. One of the best designs in this regard is the use of transparent containers to intensify the beauty of various items like cosmetic products, jewelry items, perfumes, etc. and make them more acceptable to the consumers. The transparent cases, also known as die cut or window containers, allow the customers to see through them and analyze the items packed inside.

Similarly, another style of personalized encasement is the introduction of a slide cover encasement. In this structure, two layers are present which are able to slide across each other in a systematic manner. The items are obtained by pulling the lower layer by hands. The latest technologies have allowed the manufacturers to apply any desired designs to the container to increase their aesthetic effects. Similarly, colors are also of vital significance to enhance the acceptability of the items in the retail shops. Beautiful, shiny, and energetic color themes and proper color combinations of two or more colors are considered instrumental in amplifying the beauty of the cases.

On the other hand, personalized containers can also be utilized for the personal use of individuals. For example, they can be prepared in an adorable fashion to give the shape of a gift encasement. The presents are packed in elegant containers in order to enhance the importance of the item and express the feelings of love and affection.

Is it going to travel?

Another important thing that needs to be considered while designing the custom packaging is that whether the item is going to travel or not. And if yes, then how long it would travel. If the items are to be transported to short distances, then there is a higher possibility that they will be carried by hand from one place to the other. In this case, a handle or gable is attached to the personalized containers in order to facilitate the users. Similarly, if the products are required to be delivered to distant or far off places via shipping, then their encasements must also be prepared accordingly. Bubble wraps or other cushioning material can be placed in them so that the safety of the items would be ensured.

Writing a brand’s name:

The name of the brand or company must also be written on the surface of the personalized cases so that the credibility of the company could be established. This strategy proves to be a smart marketing strategy, and the brand becomes publicized among a large number of people.