Beautiful Parks of Delhi

If you are planning to visit Delhi to Agra by car, you must read the article and know about the parks in Agra. Parks and Gardens are very refreshing places. Everybody loves going to the parks and Gardens. In our ancient culture also, there is a great importance of parks and Gardens. These Gardens have played a great role in adding to the refreshing beauty of the place. Sometimes these Gardens were constructed with the palaces and the monuments inside the forts. Sometimes they were constructed individually. They always added to the beauty of the place. They were meant for taking a rest by the Kings, Queens and other members of the royal family.

  • Paliwal Park

Paliwal Park in the garden which is located exactly in the center of Agra. It is the favorite place of the people of Agra. It is very big by area. It is spread in around 70 acres. The attraction of Paliwal Park is a small lake. You can do boating in the lake. The name of the park was earlier Hewitt Park, which was changed in the Paliwal Park in the memory of Shri Krishna Dutt Paliwal. Shri Krishna Dutt Paliwal was the first finance minister of Uttar Pradesh. You would love to know that Paliwal Park is surrounded by many coaching institutes and you can imagine the number of college students coming over here. It is their favorite hangout spot.

  • Dayalbagh Gardens

Dayalbagh Gardens are basically a Memorial Garden which was constructed in the memory of the founder of Radha Soami Satsang movement. Today there are many followers of Radha Soami. The founder of Radha Soami Satsang movement was a Shiv Dayal Sahib. There is a white marble Memorial that is dedicated to the founder. The height of the memorial is 110 feet. There are Majestic pillows also. The Radha Soami Satsang movement is based on the combination of teachings of different communities. It teaches that all the religions are good and the teachings of all the religions must be followed constructively.

  • Shah Jahan Park

We all know Shah Jahan was one of the Mughal rulers who contributed in designing various monuments of great quality. He designed the Taj Mahal, which became the ancient wonder of the world. He loved calligraphy. Shah Jahan Park is a magnificent Park. There is lush greenery E and it is the best example, as far as panoramic beauty is concerned. The feeling over here is really magical. It is because of the presence of greenery, there is clear, fresh air in the park. When one comes over here it is a complete refreshment package.

  • Taj Nature Park

There is Taj Garden in the premises of the Taj Mahal. This is called the Taj Nature Park. It is also called as the Taj nature walk. The distance between the Taj Mahal and the Taj nature walk is about 500 meters. It has an as rich flora and fauna. This has unique species of animals and the shops and plants found over here are also worth studying. It is good for vegetation and wildlife both. A very educational picnic trip can be planned over here. The Taj Mahal can easily be seen from here.

  • Taj Garden

This is the garden which is located in the premises of the Taj Mahal. There is a lake which provided the view of the Taj Mahal in the inverted position. It has four parts and it gives the feeling of paradise. The Taj Mahal would have been incomplete without the Taj Garden. It is very beautiful over here. There is a story associated with the lake of the Taj Garden made by the archeologists in the recent past. It is in context of the black Taj Mahal, which Shah Jahan wanted to make opposite the Taj Mahal besides the River Yamuna and the ruins of the black marbles can also be seen over there. The archeologists said that Shah Jahan wanted the black Taj Mahal and therefore he got the lake constructed as, during the night time in the moonlight, there is a black image of the Taj Mahal, which was sufficient to satisfy the wish of Shah Jahan in the direction of the Taj Mahal.

  • Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

It is a national park or a national bird sanctuary. It is almost 20 kilometers away from Agra. It is big enough to accommodate over a hundred species of birds. There are resident birds as well as migratory birds. There is a lake to support the life of the birds. The name of that lake is Keetham Lake. Bird watching is a great hobby. It is said that all your tensions will go off if you watch any of the natural activity. Bird watching is one of them. If you don’t believe it when you come on same day Agra tour by train, kindly visit the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and try it out. You may be tempted to you, come here again.