Is photography becoming too much materialistic

The engagement that is taken in leisure, not for any monetary gain or income but pleasure-sake and enjoyment are called hobbies. Hobbies are varied. It could be stamped collection, coin collection, gardening, hiking or photography. A person may have different hobbies from his profession as well. A gardener may have photography as his hobby but a photographer may have hobbies like gardening. Similarly a photographer by profession may be interested in hiking or fond of other recreational tours and trips. Hiking Photography is an art of taking beautiful and scenic pictures of natural things during hiking. It reflects the emotions of the photographer and his deep thoughts which have flooded his mind when he or she took this photograph. In this article, we are going to discuss photography still a path of passion or it has led its way to materialism.

Today photography has become a professional course. People want to enroll this as a normal course as they use to do it for medical or engineering. They take admission to a private institution that provides a study of professional photography. They also undergo certification of these courses as well. Now the question arises is it the right path we are leading our generation or we shall continue to have an old tradition where photography was just art and nothing else. Honestly speaking photography can be made as a profession these days. With increasing demands for the creation of websites, one needs to have good images of photographs or images. A creative mind of the photographer can make the website look stunning. You might have seen the website of Sleep well. The image of the girl which is used is a standing girl but the photographer has portrayed it so well that she is falling from space and landing comfortably on the cozy bed. This level of thinking comes only with a wide and broader mind. One must think outside the box rather than being one dimensional. Dave Spates has created a perfect guide on hiking photography, you can get benefit by reading that guide and can learn a lot of tips and tricks for capturing great photos without joining any institution for photography course and training.

On the other hand, in the current scenario, we see many photographers who are looking for some work and have no other jobs. They choose this as a profession and are very poor these days. Hence we cannot look down upon them on their condition and promote their work. For this government should increase the events which can help these photographers to bid their artwork in the auction so that they can earn some money. Anyone no matter what his profession is cannot work properly without food and money. Similarly, photography cannot be done with an empty stomach. You must have some good financial condition to bear the cost of photography as well. A professional camera is too expensive these days. If you can’t afford then it is better not to purchase and risk your financial condition at present. Loans taken from banks can increase the liabilities to pay their regular rate of interest on time. This tension can be increased manifold if they are not prepared to face the financial challenge.

To sum up we can say that by choosing professional photography as a profession there is no harm at all. However, if it is done for passion or hobby then it could be an expensive one. We should not risk our financial condition for such an expensive hobby. A passion can in work also drive you in the path of success. This sentence is also correct but it does not imply the fact that we should only rely on the passion for doing work. Dedication towards work is also required to complete the job nicely. An excellent photographer is not made in a day. It takes lots of practice and snapshots for clicking perfect pictures. Nowadays photography plays a very important role in the marriage ceremony. Some couples shoot pre-wedding shoot in Delhi or Gurgaon for keeping them in Gallery. If you are looking for pre-wedding photography in Delhi, Faridabad or Gurgaon simply contact us. We are one of the most reputed Photographing firms in India and can make your photograph truly fantastic.