Top Specifications of Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

Laboratory refrigerators & freezers are that equipment, which is used for cooling of samples and specimens for their preservation purpose. It basically includes refrigeration units for storing blood plasma and for storing other blood-related products. Apart from that, vaccines and other pharmaceutical supplies can also be stored in these refrigerators. These are all different and distinct in their purpose as compared to their home variants, as they need to be totally reliable and hygienic as well.

They are required to maintain a consistent temperature, just to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination of the stored products. To achieve such accuracy and consistency in temperature, a refrigerator needs air circulation and a fan, respectively. This fan stops working when someone opens the door, just to maintain temperature and stop air to flow out of the unit. To prevent cross-contamination, it does have separate compartments.

Some of the Specifications are as under:

  • Temperature Recording– The chart recorders work 24/7 to collect temperature data, for storage and retrieval as and when needed. Manual checks are also recommended for recording temperatures at the beginning and end of the day. Also, it has a calibrated thermometer which helps in storing and displaying the higher and lowest temperature over a period of time.
  • Temperature Capability – Typically operating temperature ranges from 2ºC to 10ºC and -10ºC to -25ºC for Laboratory Freezers, though it changes with the model of refrigerators. Lower temperature models are available in -25ºC, -30ºC and -40ºC variants, whereas Ultra-low temperature models can go from -50ºC to -86ºC. It should be chosen carefully, as lower temperature means more power consumption.
  • Temperature Alarming – Alarming is a must-have feature for a lab refrigerator to inform the concerned person if any emergency or unwanted situation arrives, as these laboratory refrigerators are extremely cold and stores valuable vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other biologicals. A built-in audio/visual alarm can be placed to inform about high/low temperature and contacts to alert personnel. The iLab 600 Temperature Monitoring System is the ultimate alarming system, as it informs the personnel via email, text, or phone. It remotely stores and instantly retrieves performance data of equipment.
  • Construction – On it’s Exterior, Powder-coated mild steel is used, whereas on its Interior side stainless steel is used.
  • Trays – Perforated trays of stainless steel material is used.
  • Door – Standard hinged single/double doors are used, which comes with double gasket.
  • Optional – Fluorescent lamp, stainless steel exterior, voltage stabilizer, caster wheels can also be added.
  • Power Supply – It operates on 220/230 Volts and 50 Hz frequency.

These are some of the specifications, that you will look for better functioning of your laboratory, of course, there are other features as well. But it will help you to find suitable equipment for your laboratory.

If all these specifications are what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact the online suppliers for the best equipment’s at pocket-friendly prices.