Amazing Ways To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Presently social media holds titanic strength due to the vast involvement of users all across the world. It has the power to build or demolish a business or brand image. Using social media for building brand value and image can be an extremely profitable deal for all of you.

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms for the discussion of events and happenings around the world. Statistics show it has over 140 million daily active users. Using Twitter for the marketing of your business can get you many loyal and interested followers and customers for your brand or business.

Twitter can be used to your benefit by embedding your Twitter feeds on website, which will provide real-time and honest social proof to all the people who visit your website. It will enhance your user engagement as your website visitors will be able to access the social side of your business on your website itself.

Some easy ways to embed your Twitter feed on website:

Social Media Aggregators and Embedding Tools

Social Media Aggregators are tools that help you collect content from multiple social media platforms and consolidate them into one single profile. They provide you with the ability to curate, design, customize, display and analyze your social media feed you decide to embed on website. 

Good social media aggregators like Taggbox provide you with many features to manage and curate your social feed or social wall. The features are discussed below:

  • Personalize Panel

Personalize Panel lets you design your Twitter wall according to your website and liking with its huge collection of themes, colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.

  • Moderation Panel

The Moderation Panel allows you to filter your content. It also gives you the option to discard or block unwanted users, words, tags. They will never go live after you do so.

  • Analytics

They give you an option to track your performance and improve it for better results. It also helps you to analyze what is liked or disliked by your audience, you can make changes to your wall accordingly.

  • Easy Embedding

You can embed your Twitter wall on your website easily with the help of these tools. All you have to do is generate an embed code and paste it on your website code.

Using social media aggregators can help you to grow your business and enhance user engagement for your website resulting in a more heightened brand presence and brand value.

Plugins and Widgets

Using a plugin or widget for embedding your social feed on your website can be one of the easiest and convenient way to do so.  They give you full control over your content. WordPress or a few other blogging sites offer most of the plugins and widgets.

Following are the most feasible and practicable plugins and widgets for you:

WordPress Twitter

WordPress Twitter is an all-inclusive plugin. It allows you to integrate your Twitter account with your website. It also gives you access to all the extra buttons and search widgets. You can also match the theme of the feed to your webpage. 

By embedding your Twitter feed on website with this plugin, your website visitors will be able to share tweets directly from your website. You can also use this plugin if you want to convert your website traffic to Twitter followers. You can also track the website traffic that is generated through Twitter advertising with this plugin.

Twitter Buttons

Twitter gives you an option to directly place Twitter buttons on your website to make it more interactive for your website visitors. These buttons will give your visitors the option to interact with your Twitter account from the website itself. These buttons can be placed on your homepage, header & footer portion, on individual pages, blog posts, about us, and contact us pages.

You can add 4 types of Twitter buttons-

  • Share A Link
  • Follow
  • Hashtag
  • Mention

The number of buttons you want to place on your website is up to you depending on your need for actions from the website visitors. In order to embed a Twitter button on your website, all you have to do is copy and paste the provided code into the HTML code of your website. Technical assistance is advisable for doing so.

Embedded Timelines

This plugin helps you to increase your social media interactivity by letting you embed your entire time on your website. It will be embedded in a compact and linear view to fit your website in an aesthetic manner. 

The Twitter timeline you embed can consist of content from multiple Twitter profiles, personalized lists or also from your own collections. This plugin also allows the website visitors to directly engage with your Twitter account from your website. They can reply to a tweet, retweet it or even mark as favorite making the website highly interactive for the visitors of the website. 

You can embed your timeline very effortlessly with knowledge of some basic coding.


Embedding your Twitter feed on your website is a great marketing tool for your business. You can choose any appropriate tool for your business and start working towards conquering the market with your brand.

By doing so, you will not only increase the user engagement but the brand trust as well. When people see the efforts you’re putting towards the feedback and views of the people regarding your business, they will definitely be loyal to your brand. 

Start working on your content and provide your website visitors with some excellent tweets and qualitative content. You will see the change is a very short span of time.