How to make new male and female friends!

Table of Contents

In this article we provide six steps to make new male and female friends all around the world.

Step 1. Decide what friends you want to make

Working adults, adults, and housewives are busier than students, so they have limited opportunities and time to make friends. First, let’s decide what kind of friends you want to make. If you act diligently without thinking, it will take time to make friends that you can communicate with. Let’s think about what kind of person you want to make friends with, what you want to do and make friends, and make specific decisions before making friends.

Step 2. Go to the place where the friends you want to make gather.

Once you’ve decided on the friends you want to make, find out where you are gathering and playing. Basically, people who are in a gathering place want to have fun talking with friends and people at the venue. As with you if the person who wants to make friends is in the hall because there is, first let’s go to the place where friends are gathered you want to create.

Step 3. Go talk to yourself

Even if you go to the place where you want to make friends, don’t wait until you talk to them because they are shy. Even if you find someone you want to be friends with, just looking at them doesn’t tell you. People who are shy may be tense or courageous, but since no one feels annoyed when you talk to them, let’s talk to them.

1. Always smile

If you suddenly talk to someone you don’t know and you’re serious, you’re scared. The first impression is very important in making friends, so always smile when you have a conversation. Some people are shy and their faces become stiff when they are nervous. In that case, it is recommended to practice how to speak with a smile while looking in the mirror, or to exercise facial muscles by doing exercises that move your face.

2. Being positive with negative comments

Everyone wants to be with people who are more positive than people who are negative. And if you’re a negative speaker when you talk for the first time, you don’t want to be friends. People who usually have a negative personality may have negative comments. So be careful about negative comments and have a positive and enjoyable conversation. Introduce how to become positive thinking from the psychology and characteristics of positive people. Also check out the differences with negative people, so check it out!

3. When you are invited to “Let’s go for a drink!”

I would be very happy if the conversation bounced and the other party invited me to “Drink!” However, some people may not be able to drink and are not good at izakayas, or may still be reluctant to meet in a different place. However, if you decline here, you will be shocked by the courageous invite. There is a possibility that you will not be invited in the future, so let’s go as much as possible if you are invited for the first time if it’s not convenient for you, speak up and decide the next date the schedule that the other party invites may be inconvenient. At that time, if you say “I’m inconvenience that day again, this time”, you may think that “I’m not really inconvenience, but I refused to play because I didn’t like it.”For that reason, you should propose a day that is convenient for you, but tell the other party that you want to play.

Step 4. Find friends online!

If you are failed all above given steps to find friends don’t worry we are with you just go online on social media platform and other platform and make new friends all around the world and starts chat with them. A big free online chat platform provide you all the securing things and safe the fake peoples. Free chat room is a big platform where you finds new male and female friends all around the world. Online free chat room provide this service free of cost and without registration you need just click and start chats with strangers and share contact numbers

Step 5. Exchange contact information such as LINE and phone number from yourself

If you want to become more friends in the conversation bounce, let’s have the courage dare say from himself as “not to replace the contact?”. If your partner wants to have more conversations with you or want to be friends with you, they will always exchange contact information. And when you get home after exchanging your contacts, let’s send a thank you LINE to the other person.

Step 5. Connect with LINE moderately

If you exchange LINE, try to send LINE at the pace that the other party responds. I understand that I want to get along, but even if the other party responds slowly, I send it right away, and if I send long sentences or questions, the other party gets tired. In LINE, listen to the other party and send them moderately, and have a lot of conversation when you meet directly.

Step 6. Dating as a friend

If you exchange your contacts and make a LINE or phone call or play many times, you will no longer be a friend of friends and you will be friends. The other person is open to you, so you can deepen your friendship by talking more closely or traveling. Even if you don’t know how to make shy friends or friends, you can make friends and best friends if you act positively without giving up.

Recommended places 1. Gym

There are so many people who go alone in the gym, and their ages are different. So it’s easy for you to go alone, and it’s easy to make friends because some people are close to age. And because there are many people who go to the gym many times a week or on certain days and times, there is a high possibility that they will become acquainted and get along quickly. There are also the same goals of diet and muscle training, so there will be lots of talk and you can talk naturally.

Recommended location 2. Bouldering

Bouldering is a popular practice for both men and women, so you can make friends with both men and women. Many people go on holidays to relieve physical insufficiency and relieve stress. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you talk to the same beginner, or speak to a good person and tell them how to climb, so you can get along naturally.

Recommended place 3. English conversation class

English conversation class is a very popular lesson for working people. There are many people who want to be able to speak English and who attend as a hobby, or who study English because they use English for work. English conversation classes are often taught in groups rather than individually, making it easier to get acquainted. And in class, students will have conversations in English, so it will be easier to understand than any other lesson.

Recommended place 4. Sports class

There are many types of sports classrooms for the learning of working adults. There are a lot of people who go to sports because they wanted to do sports again when they were students. Some sports classes may be divided into groups such as beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. It’s easy to get along with people in the same group because they’re close to improving.

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