Memorable Tour of the Capital City of India

India’s second largest city, Delhi was decorated with the Yamuna River at its edges and the Aravalli Hills across its west. As the country’s national capital, Delhi supports tremendous political and legislative importance. The capital is rich in colorful culture, architecture and human diversity, thus taking a look at its visitors who enjoy a golden triangle tour by car. With a deep history of various kings and their dynasties, the city is decorated with priceless monuments and many landmarks of love, religion and brilliant empires that make Delhi’s upcoming trip to India cherished memories.

Whether it is the old Meena Bazaar in Old Delhi, the largest mosque in India, a mosque, or even Victorian style buildings in New Delhi, the city is always full of life and colors. Vibrant New Delhi is also known as Lutyens’ Delhi, named after the British architect Edwin Lutyens who designed Delhi’s famous legislative buildings including the Indian parliament building.

Situated at the heart of the city it owns an impressive structure of Parliament House, Rajpath and is connected to India Gate, hence is a series of elegant Victorian-style architecture making one’s New Delhi tour an enlightening experience. Located in the heart of the city and having an impressive structure from parliament house in Rajpath and connected to India gate, it is a series of elegant Victorian architecture making the Delhi sightseeing tour package an enjoyable journey.

This cosmopolitan city of India is also the prime minister of India, and therefore an important destination for tourism and business. Making the delhi city tour by car more comfortable, the city has a variety of high level hotels. Delhi efficiently decorated with many amenities, charming Indian hospitality and meeting international standards, therefore, provides a very satisfactory stay for guests.

This tour of the national capital of India will surely be remembered throughout life; the city exhibits a variety of culture tones and, therefore, shows a complete mini India. Delhi city tour offers views of the picturesque tree-lined roads, magnificent ancient architecture, ancient landmarks and many high rise buildings.

Delhi has all the famous big names for the tour located under its territory, thus promising a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the delhi one day tour package by car.