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Ecommerce has come a long way. The number of digital buyers is increasing every year. It’s forecasted that in the coming years, the number of buyers will reach 1.92 billion.

Since everything is growing at a fast pace, it’s important to remember that websites can become outdated as well. You have to keep your site updated with the latest design trends.

When I moved a few years ago, I wanted to carry the same ISP – that was Spectrum – I had back home. The only problem was Spectrum service area coverage at that time was limited. So I opted for a different service. Likewise, any online store must keep upgrading and revamp or else they’ll lose loyal customers. 

These are the 7 eCommerce designs for inspiration:

#1: PowerOnPowerOff

PowerOnPowerOff has built their website in Shopify. Their homepage explains the benefits of their product and why one should buy it. It doesn’t jump right to the promotion of their product.

They have used the long scrolling technique on their website. It’s a technique used to reduce the fatigue of the user when they are navigating through a homepage. As the user moves down the page, they are able to see more information related to the product. The entire design is highly interactive.

#2: Mulberry

This company has chosen a striking design for its eCommerce website. You will see large colorful photos combined with fewer words. Such a design is best for a fashion online store. It lets you draw attention to your products.

Mulberry uses the zoom-to-hover technique on their images. This prompts the user to click an item. When they do itso a high-resolution version of that image pops up.

#3: The Owl

If you just look at the homepage of their website, you will see that it is very different from what online stores traditionally use. They have just been creative with the design and this creativity has helped them stand out.

They have kept their homepage minimalist. You will see a video that plays automatically. It highlights their products. What can be a better way of getting a visitor’s attention than a video? Since the website has a minimalist design, the video does not affect the website’s load speed.

#4: Storm London

Storm sells high-quality watches. When you land on their homepage, you will see photos of their watches and a brief description with each product. They have chosen such a design for their website that highlights the tiniest detail about their products to the buyer.

What’s unusual is that they have hidden the footer from their homepage. They have done everything in their power to not draw the visitor’s attention from their product.

And if you want to see the footer, you can click on the plus sign at the bottom of the page to expand it.

#5: Save Khaki

Save Khaki is another eCommerce website with a minimalist design. They have emphasized imagery. The images are as wide as the width of the page.

Using carousel on the homepage of your website might be a great idea but experts say it gives mixed messages. It actually gives the impression that you don’t know what you want your visitors to see.

But, if you use carousels the right way, your website can look wonderful. The best example of that is presented by Save Khaki. If you check the women and men’s options, you will see that their products stay static. This helps buyers choose whatever they want to.

#6: Aesop

Aesop sells skincare and beauty products. Their website shows how to use photos of models and products in an effective way.

They have given enough breathing room to each of their products. They haven’t made their logo and menu the focus of attention. The products dominate the page instead of the company’s logo and menu.

#7: Staud

Staud has used bright colors on its website’s design very professionally. You will see colors in not just their products but photos and backgrounds as well. However, the text is in black and white which is balancing everything out.

Their pop-up offer remains sticky at the right side of their webpage. The visitor will keep on seeing the offer as long as they remain on the website. This might encourage them to take action.


Since opening my own online business a year ago, I went back to my old ISP. Since they had expanded their coverage area, I was happy to subscribe to Spectrum Triple Play. Yeah, I’m a loyal customer!

So follow the trends and stay competitive by taking inspiration from these designs to make your eCommerce website more attractive. The takeaway is to make sure you highlight your products as much as possible.

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