Signs It Might Be Time For Home Care

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People may face memory loss, frailty, and other chronic diseases over time as they age. Household chores that we do every day, such as cooking, bathing, or running errands usually become daunting when we age. That is when a home care service can come in handy. They help us manage our wellbeing and safety while safeguarding our freedom at the same time. 

Home care services have the ability to understand what our families need out of the difficulties of aging. Then they designate a customized care plan to ensure optimal prosperity for our loved ones. Today, we will talk about five signs that indicate to us that it might be time for home care. According to this resource from Halo Health, these signs will help you to determine when you need additional assistance at home for your senior loved one. Let’s get into it. 

Intensive Forgetfulness

There are times when your mom always forgets to remember her appointments and your dad doesn’t have a clue where he put the keys of his car. Despite the fact that it’s pretty normal in older adults to forget things often, still it leaves a high chance of developing a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

A Messy Home

Do you notice that the dishes are left unwashed in the sink, the clothes are rotting, and the garbage is not being taken off? These are the signs that indicate that it’s been too difficult for your loved one to manage these household works alone by himself or herself. 

Nutrition Deficiency

When you see multiples of the same items in the cabinets, it implies that the person forgot what he or she had to bring from the grocery store. Instead of bringing a new item, they bring the same item because of forgetfulness. A kitchen full of expired foods means that cooking has been challenging for your loved one. He or she needs a helping hand with meal preparation or grocery errands. 

Lack of Hygiene

Sometimes you will notice that your dad hasn’t been brushing his teeth for a week or your mom isn’t careful enough about herself. Lack of cleanliness or hygiene can be a sign of dementia or other conditions when people really need a hand of assistance. 

Injuries or Falls

You may notice wounding and another staining despite the fact that your father won’t confess to falling. It indicates that they have been losing their motor skills when they face frequent falls. They are having problems while balancing themselves or maybe they are suffering from nausea or vertigo. A caregiver happens to be very helpful when it comes to providing mobility support and look after other symptoms so that there is no risk of falling. 

Who doesn’t love to age at home? You can start having a discussion about the benefits of home care with your loved one. A caregiver comes in handy when it comes to regular activities such as dressing, bathing, mobility, grooming, meal preparation, companionship, transportation, etc. etc. It’s important to consider their impression of home care as an option. Give them space and time to consider this option and incorporate a service once they accept to hire one.