The Moment When You Realized Travel Changed Your Life

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There are certain aspects of life that can either make you a better person or make you even worse than you are.

There’s only one thing constant in our lives, CHANGE.

See around you, things grow up, people change, you even outgrow yourself from your childhood clothes.

Keeping dove’s eye is not going to windward the direction but always remember you learn and adapt but growth is ever optional.

Travelling will do that to you. It will recourse your state of action. It will make you learn things you weren’t aware of. Starting from the stone age and moving to a new age you can see records of migration and how it changed people and their surroundings.

Great Things Happen Out of Comfort Zone

Travelling is like a bubble. As long as it is there you feel all plumped up, happy and different, but the moment it bursts all your happiness goes with it.

Every bubble is not the same and that is what makes it all different.

Travelling and partying up the holidays since being a child had been a wonderful experience. I remember going on my first tour of Disneyworld. Such a lifetime experience it was. Watching all your favorite characters come alive in front of you…. a giggling adventure it was for a child but now that the child had grown up in me I have been constantly vacationing in different parts of different countries. Let it be Spain, Hungary, Brazil or Ireland I have been to places with the utmost talent of nature and the artistic brushstrokes of wonders.

 Like once, while on Morocco Holiday, I realized one thing during a yearly festival of Eid (a Muslim festival) how people from different communities come together without being conscious about the fact about their ethnicity.

Why people were so open and accepting of each other? Answer to this question was simple.

Change is what brought them to a single platform. The level of acceptance and being more open-minded has nothing to do with the fact of how modern you are. But it shows how much respect are you willing to give and receive in return.

Positive Attitude Strikes Hard

The first thing to realize when you travel is how much you are actually can be adaptable to the change. Furthermore, you can get help from taxi wavre if you are going to Belgium.

We live in a world of competition. Competing at each phase of life has nothing to do with our own personal goals but with what is expected of us.

It’s the Karma of life how we believe that wearing an Italian handstitched suit is going to solve any headache of yours. Maybe not, but the tailor might get rewarded for the classic work of art. So that’s probably a good thing right?

No! travelling helps you to move in a new direction each time you take a new turn.

Think Out of the Box

A positive attitude is not going for a brand (although we love some) but how about adopting a puppy for giving it food and shelter? Now that’s more of a positive way of life.

You will be surprised how each country has a different agenda for animal rights. Morocco tourist attraction places as filled with people came with the hardships of knowing how street animals were lurking in the streets looking for food and it just hurt my heart to experience it on a holiday.

And that’s how I came to adopt an Aidi pup! I found him on the streets of souk. And the moment I saw him I knew it was mine. Who knew a holiday could make me bring a new soul in my life?

Change in Perspective of Life

Wherever you travel, it affects your personality and thinking in a great deal.

One might wonder how that is possible? But in order to find out the answer to this question you need to experience it yourself. Once you understand the true power of living the experience, all material things will lose its value and meaning in your life.

You will be able to set your priorities straight once and for all. After all, that matters most is how you see yourself.

One might have every luxury of life and still feel suicidal while, on the other hand, one is living in poverty, hand to mouth, and yet finds some happiness is life. It’s all about your perspective, how you see the world, will make others see you as different. 

Be Compassionate, Patient and Tolerant

Travelling makes you more open towards adaptability, that is true, but it also helps you improvise in your behavior and perception about not only people but about yourself as well.

Pre-travel you can be a self-absorbed, arrogant prick (no offense) but you will never admit it once you learn from your mistakes. Travelling brings out the best in you. I have to admit tourists can be a bit snobby (including myself) we do the comparison out of habit and then you look down upon the country that most graciously opened its arms and welcomed you.

Imagine yourself in those shoes. You welcome your guests in your home and all they do is complain about what could have been better or how tacky it all looks and tastes…. yeah, not a pretty sight even in your imagination right?

You need to be more patient towards what you have in your hand at the moment. Maybe the holiday might lack something but you are the lucky one to travel around while one can hardly afford to move to the next street.

Meeting new people in Morocco was a welcome experience (although not all of it) but the Berbers were so welcoming of us, in their homes and huts, when people now a day won’t even let a cute kid be touched by a stranger, it really melted my ice core perspective.

Kindness can be seen by the blind and heard by the deaf, so is our behavior in a platonic stage needs to be re-wired to bring the change in us.

Travelling is a therapy that brings good in you wherever you may decide to travel.

We all need such positivity and optimism. Find echoes of your inner voice in the surroundings and you might hear the lost music.