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Until a few years ago, the only way to find a new home was to ask a broker to do a search.

Over the past decade, the emergence of many real estates and classified ad websites has changed the way shoppers shop. It is now possible to find all the properties available on the market by yourself in just a few clicks.

What’s new?

Although there are over a hundred sites in Spain where you can find property for sale in Spain that allow you to view all the offers on the market. Obviously, certain properties are displayed on several sites, and this is completely normal: the sellers have more difficulty selling in the current context and they must be displayed on several sites to maximize their visibility. But some people still take the time to consult all the ads, because some properties are visible on a single site. It would be sad to miss the rare pearl! The days had gone when a simple ad allowed you to sell in a few weeks.

In an idle market, it is not uncommon to see properties displayed on a site such as – although reserved for individuals – also appear on broker sites. This clearly shows that more and more owners are unable to sell on their own. is the best site for Property for sale in Spain. Where individuals like to list their properties for sale.

Real estate alerts

Another good way to be aware of market offers is to use an alert. Most specialized real estate sites allow you to create an alert in order to automatically receive new registrations by email. Being the first to know about the new products available is essential because the most interesting properties do not stay on the market for long. So if you want to buy property for sale in Spain visit our site ( and sign up for getting alerts about the newly listed properties.

The best site to find the Property for sale in Spain

Here below, classified by number of registrations, the major real estate sites to consult to get a complete idea of ​​the market: