The Ten Most Luxurious and Expensive Watches of All Time:

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A person’s style, personality, and persona can easily be judged by the kind of watch he wears. You can tell a lot about a person’s personality from the type of watch he or she is wearing. A luxury watch is a mixture of a lot of things, the design, the craftsmanship as well as the precision that goes in manufacturing it. There are many brands that make luxury watches that are more than just time-telling machines. 

Here are the most luxurious and expensive watches of all time. 

Breguet & Fils, No. 2667 Precision Stop Watch:

The watch has been valued at an astounding price of $4.7 million. The watch is made with gold and platinum and it a beautiful stopwatch. The history of the watch shows that it was sold for a small price of 5000 francs in the year 1814, but since it’s vintage and old is gold, the watch was bought at an auction for $4.6 million in the year 2012.

Hublot Big Bang:

Hublot is known for its superior designs as well as its precision. The big bang of Hublot is a beautiful piece that has as many as 1,282 diamonds that adds to its amazing value of $5 million. These gems include 100 carats of baguette as well as six emerald-cut gems that weigh around 3 carats each. Fun fact this pricey watch was bought by Beyoncé for Jay-Z on his birthday in 2012. 

Vacheron Constantin 57260:

You have seen art and craftsmanship until you have seen the Vacheron Constantin’s 57260. This particular watch is made with 57 complications, 2826 components, as well as 242 jewels. It is truly a masterpiece. The watch took a lot of effort and 8 long years to design and manufacture and it is valued at 8 million US Dollars. 

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518:

Every watch is unique, and when it’s a watch from Patek Philippe Ref. 1518, you can bet a million that it is special. The price of the watch is exceptional at $11.1 million. With stainless steel casing, this watch is from the vintage collection made in 1941. 

Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch:

You might think 11 million is expensive; well the Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch has a value of $18 million. The watch is designed with emerald gems of 260 carats as well as 167 individual components, along with 19 jewels. The dial and bracelet of the watch are masterpieces as well made with white gold 18 karate. 

Patek Philippe Supercomplication:

At $24 million Patek Philippe Supercomplication is sure a luxury watch. It was minted in 1933 by Patek Philippe. The watch was made for a banker named Henry Graves Jr. It’s so special because it took around 5 years to design and manufacture this watch. The watch gives you reading for sunrise, sunset, a calendar reading as well as a celestial calendar. 

Chopard 201-Carat Watch:

At a whopping $25 million the Chopard 201-Carat Watch is undoubtedly a luxury watch. The design of this watch contains around 874 diamonds, and it’s named 201 as its 201 carats in total. Yellow, pink, and blue are the three colors sported by this watch’s face. 

Breguet No. 160:

This vintage watch had all the technology of its time including a chime, perpetual calendar, and a thermometer. This vintage watch was minted in 1827, made for Marie Antoinette by her lover. The watch is so special that it’s on display at the Mayer museum today. The watch is valued at $30 million. 

Graff Diamonds The Fascination:

We have reached the end of our list, at $40 million the Graff Diamonds the Fascination is the most expensive watch of all. This awesome design has 152.96 carats of diamond, but the most impost and central diamond are 38.14-carats with a beautiful pear shape. The awesome fact is that you can take the center diamond and wear it as a ring too. 

Graff Diamonds Hallucination:

This watch is manufactured with 110 carats, and it was displayed at the Baselword watch and jewelry fair. The price of this watch is $55 million and rightly so as it’s made with more colors than you can count. The gems used in the watch’s design are fancy blue, green, yellow, pink and whatnot. These gem shapes include heart, pear, emerald, and marquise. It is one eye-catcher, wearing this watch will always get you noticed. 


All these watches have made history, not only with their high prices but also with their incredibly awesome designs and precise craftsmanship.