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Make sure Hypervolt vs Theragun is a battle of products, not of brands. After a long workout or hectic day out, people usually use one of these massage guns for comfort. Even this Hypervolt vs Theragun helps to keep your body functioning perfectly.

There are plenty of aspects that differentiate both massage guns Hypervolt vs Theragun from one another. Mainly this is a comparison of quality, and it becomes challenging to pick the right one. To give you sufficient knowledge about the comparison of hypervolt vs theragun, we have enlisted all the aspects. Most importantly, you should consider;

  • Does it improve your muscle performance?
  • Does it easy to cater to your specific muscles?

However, both the devices Hypervolt vs Theragun are fine enough but let’s see who wins the race of quality?

Hypervolt and Theragun



Theragun has a triangular structure design that offers a many-sided hold and is effortless to operate. This triangular structure comes in the 3rd and 4th generation devices of Theragun. However, this design needs a settlement of built-quality to make the massage gun convenient to grasp or weightless.

At present, the handheld design of the Hypervolt massage gun is industry standard. Various other massage gun designers are producing a replica of this design. That’s why the Hypervolt design seems to be typical.

Dominant: Making a comparison of Theragun vs Hypervolt, we have concluded that Theragun has an ergonomic design.


Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus

Theragun Pro is high-priced among all other massage guns owns uppermost line built-quality. This matchless or incomparable quality is also followed by Hypervolt plus.

On the other hand, Hypervolt is also extraordinary in its built quality. However, this massage gun has compromised some of the built-quality Bluetooth devices to make the device light in weight.

Dominant: Altogether, we can say that Theragun generally leads Hypervolts in built-quality.


The 3rd Generation Theragun had a battery life of 75 minutes and was condemned honestly. Anyhow, when Theragun promoted their devices to the 4th Generation, the battery life also enhanced. The Theragun Pro has a battery life of 2.5 hours. Moreover, the battery of such a massage gun is detachable.

Conversely, Hypervolt delivered double battery life when G3 Pro was in use. After imposing some improvements, the Bluetooth Hypervolt massage gun offers a battery life of 3 hours, and this battery can be removed simply.

Dominant: Hypervolt massage guns are superior and preferable in every aspect of battery life since their battery lasts extended than Theragun Pro.


In the usefulness and percussion of massage guns, speed plays a meaningful performance. The percussion massage gun’s speed is often measured in strokes per minute. A massage gun with a higher speed expresses the greater intensity of the massage.

The Theragun Pro and Elite have integrated five options of speed. Inclusion of Bluetooth and linkage with an app has entirely modified the speed controls. Out of different speed settings, you can choose an option within the range of 1750-2400 PPM (Percussions per-minute) through the app in Theragun Pro, Prime, and Elite.

Instead, non-Bluetooth Hypervolt massage guns have three options of speed that move up to 3200 PPM. Still and all, Bluetooth Hypervolt can also be associated with the app, but the speed control is not remarkable when related to Theragun.

Dominant: As a result, Theraguns have better speed controls, and the three-speed Hypervolt massage guns have various speed ranges.


Huge muscles like glutes, hamstring, and quads can deal with the more elevated intensity levels delivered by the Hypervolt Plus. In contrast, smaller muscles, similar to calves, demand lower levels and a light touch. Your body experiences vibrations diversely contingent upon receptors from your mind, so massagers admire this, particularly on the off chance that you have never utilized one. Through Bluetooth, the Hypervolt Plus teams up with the Hyperice app for programmed speed control. Moreover, Hypervolt has gone to considerable lengths to make their items run quietly at any speed.

On the other side, Theragun PRO also has a higher level of intensity which can be handled by larger muscles like quads, hamstring, and glutes. Still, smaller muscles, for example, calves, bear fewer intensity levels. Theragun Pro sets with Therabody app permitting you to additionally redo the vibrations, choosing any speed between 1052 to 2400 percussions per minute range. This brand has worked hard to make their product less loud, but they are not much quiet. Another thing is that it comes with four head attachments.

Dominant: Theragun Pro is best suitable because of the intensity, attachments, and angles.


The Theragun Pro arrives with double Lithium-ion battery packs. These two battery packs seem like they belong to a worktable and a battery charging cable as well. Moreover, the battery moves smoothly in and out of the larger handle, just like the power drill does. Basically, the advantage here is that when one battery expires, you can interchange it with another.

In the matter of Hypervolt, the handle is drawn out where the battery is reserved, and the base is plugged into a threesome device like Theragun. Another connection, a power supply and an AC cable are available to plug into the wall. Only a single battery is there, and you need to charge when it wastes away. However, we have observed in initial testing that the battery endures longer than expectations. You can purchase an extra battery for 80 dollars as well.

The Theragun Pro provides 150 minutes of battery life on one charge. When charging reaches below 50%, the PRO begins to drop down after a lot of constant utilization, just like a power device. Contrarily, the Hypervolt massage gun also offers 150 minutes of battery life. However, the fascinating thing here is that Hypervolt operates continuously and delivers constant energy even when the charge level is slowed down.

Dominant: For its steady flow of energy/power, the Hypervolt massage gun declares to win.


Hypervolt has the power of working at 3,200 percussions per minute, which is quick for a standard massage gun. Moreover, the unit can likewise spin upward through three different speeds. So if you want to change to another speed, you need to revisit “high” and “off” to get there.

Conversely, Theragun G3Pro has got high praise for its pressure sensor innovation. The unit works at 40 beats per second with a power of 60 pounds. It also comes in a range of motion that varies from 1700 to 2400 PPM. You can set any velocity from the speed options of the massage gun.

Dominant: Hypervolt is amazingly quick and allows different speed settings. But, Theragun’s pressure is best suited for pain relief in trigger points for percussive therapy.


The Theragun Pro weighs 2.9 pounds. Theragun mini is one of the highly lightweight percussion therapy massagers. Bluetooth Theragun devices usually have less weight. Theragun 3rd and 4th Generation devices follow this trend. All other Theraguns and Hypervolt devices are traditional, but Theragun mini is exceptional.

In contrast, Hypervolt massage guns measure the weight of 2.5 pounds. They have an excellent handle as well. The Bluetooth Hypervolt massage guns are light in weight than the non-Bluetooth ones. To sum up, the Theragun mini is thought to be one of the best massage guns. Since it provides an easy grip and fits perfectly in the palm.

Dominant: In the comparison Hypervolt vs Theragun, Hyperice Hypervolt has less weight, but Therabody Theragun is a little more weightier.


In the case of compactness, the one which weighs less will be easy to carry around. So Theragun Pro weighs 2.9 pounds, whereas Hypervolt weighs 2.5 pounds for the Bluetooth version. The perfect example of portability is the Theragun mini because it comes with a carrying case.

However, in terms of portability, Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus do not have plenty of things. There is no carrying case with this product. This therapy device is portable for a handheld massager.

Dominant: In attachments, both these brands are compatible. But, Theragun is superior for portability as it comes with a carrying case.


Since a massage gun permits you to apply force or pressure on particular muscle groups for sudden pain relief in the body, greater stall force means that a massage gun will percuss sensitive areas. Similarly, a better stroke length indicates that the deepness of percussion therapy will be higher. Therefore, these are the two aspects we call the principal identifiers of a professional massage.

In Theragun Pro, stall force is 60 pounds. Regardless of massive upgrades, the 4th Generation Theraguns cannot contest the great percussive action of Hypervolt massage guns. The stroke length of Theragun Pro is 16mm and delivers deep tissue massage.

Contrarily, the stall force of Hypervolt is nearly equal to 70 pounds, which makes it relatively better than any other percussion massager. However, the stroke length of the Hypervolt is 13mm, and it cannot penetrate more deeply into the muscles.

Dominant: In contrast to Theragun vs Hypervolt, we concluded that the Hypervolt massage gun is adequate for active recovery, whereas the Theragun is perfect for sensitive areas.


Presently, Theragun massager has more attachment heads. These attachments can fulfil vital needs; they made customization for percussive massage.

However, the head attachments of the Theragun elite are the same in numbers as compared to their other companions, but their shapes are entirely different. The purpose of Theragun massage heads is to damp the percussive strength. Theraguns are helpful in the recovery of sore muscles, knots, and sciatica.

Whereas on the other side, the Hypervolt device also has the same count of numbers, but the design doesn’t match. Head attachments of Hypervolt are for changing the depth of percussion fitness, and athletes choose Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus.

Dominant: Hypervolt model comes with five massage heads that are pretty better for the fitness of different muscle groups.


The theraguns 4th generation devices have some inimitable highlights. These include having an OLED/LED presentation and power meter.

The unique attribute of Theragun Pro, Elite, and Prime is to sync with the Therabody app. Many built-in programs are available in the Therabody app for different groups of muscles and as well as for explicit conditions. These attributes don’t invoke a colossal alternation in basic percussion, but they improve customized percussion.

Hypervolt doesn’t have extravagant attributes as Theragun; however, it has peculiarities like app control and Bluetooth. Both Hypervolts have control features that permit guided massage programs, but they are less in numbers than the Theragun app. Moreover, the pressure sensor is available for a physical therapist. This pressure sensor and foam rollers control guided massage on various body parts.

Dominant: For an effective percussion therapy, the exclusive features of Theragun is much better than Hypervolt.


Hypervolt vs Theragun price: It’s challenging to disregard how the Theragun PRO expenses are more than the other massagers. The Therebody Theragun comes with a carrying case and additional battery that contribute to the fact that it costs $200 more than Hyperice Hypervolt.

On the other hand, Hypervolt costs $399 only because you don’t get extra goodies. But if you somehow managed to buy the last items, Iike carrying case and battery, your all-out would be $528.

Honestly, there is no dominant in these brands because both offer splendid features for the body’s fitness. There, it depends on your budget.


The Theragun is a percussion therapy massage gun entirely. Such a massage gun has a solid and forceful sensation to perforate your tissues for fast recovery deeply. If you desire to release muscular strain or sore aching in the back or legs, then Theragun Pro is a fantastic option for you. Theragun Pro works effectively to hit 90% of your inaccessible spots and provides impressive deep tissue massage.

On the other hand, the Hypervolt massage gun is adequate for vibration massage therapy. This device supplies 3,200 pulses per minute and holds an even soft surface to massage your body. The Hypervolt hands-down massage gun is a perfect choice for a thorough warm-up massage. For physical problems like muscular cramps or pain, the Hypervolt is much delicate and doesn’t work best.


Well, both Hypervolt and Theragun are the best massage guns on the market for percussion therapy. They have specific features like versatility, portability, and performance. But this is true as well that both products have a ton of advantages and some minor drawbacks. All the factors, including battery life, speed, performance, portability, technology, build quality, and design, are discussed in detail.

However, there is a significant price difference. Theragun is expensive because of its quality and user-friendly design for effective deep tissue therapy. On the other hand, Hypervolt has a robust design that lasts longer, and it is less expensive also. Therefore, the choice depends on your budget and requirements.


What is a massage gun?

A percussive therapy is given to you by massage gun. Typically, you get the same kind of muscle treatment from the deep tissue massage where the masseuse goes hard on you. This sort of treatment has been demonstrated to alleviate pain or soreness after a strenuous exercise and help you recover from any workout to go to the gym centre again.

Past their comfort, massage guns are intended to convey the advantages of percussive treatment in a short measure of time so that you will be spending few minutes with your massage gun, not hours with your masseuse on a massage table.

What are the health benefits of using a massage gun?

There are several advantages of using a massage gun.

  • Mood Satisfaction
  • A Lower Pulse
  • Faster Muscle Repair
  • Upgraded Bloodstream
  • Pain Consolation
  • Injury Precaution
  • Break Lactic Acid
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Turn on the muscles and nervous system

How does a massage gun work?

Athletes usually want deep tissue therapy to get rid of pain and for faster recovery. Here, an expert masseuse provides a solid thump to a particular section of the body to revitalize a specific muscle position. The percussion therapy, which is delivered by massage gun, helps humans to do penetrative tissue massage without extra help. Furthermore, these gadgets are said to give hours’ worth of massage advantage in minutes.

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