The reasons why do canon printer stop working? How to solve this issue?

Multiple Canon printer clients are having a not working issue with their printer. Their Canon printer is not working or shows a “printer not working” error when they strive to print something.

This is extremely baffling. You cannot print any file with your Canon printer due to this issue. Yet, do not worry. It tends to be fixed.

Coming up next are a couple of techniques that have helped numerous Canon printer clients. You do not need to attempt them all; simply move down the process until you locate the one that works for you.

  • Do some essential troubleshooting
  • Drive the printer troubleshooter
  • Proceed with the Print Spooler service
  • Configure the correct printer port for your printer
  • Update your printer driver

Method 1: Do some basic troubleshooting

Your Canon printer may not be connected with your connection appropriately. So it merits checking the association of your printer.

In the event that you are utilizing a USB link to connect your printer:

  • Check if the link is appropriately associated. In the event that it isn’t, reconnect the link and ensure they are appropriately situated into the ports on both your printer and your PC.
  • Connect your printer legitimately to your PC without utilizing a hub.
  • Take a stab at connecting the link to another USB port on your PC and check whether this works for you.
  • You may likewise need to explore different ways regarding another link and check whether there is an issue with the link you’re utilizing

In the event that you are utilizing a network printer:

  • Check your system association just as your system gadgets like your router and modem.
  • View the system association status of your printer and check whether your printer is appropriately associated with the system.
  • Reconnect or replace your system connection when important if your printer is utilizing wired association.
  • For wireless printers, have a go at reconnecting your printer to your home or work.
  • You may need to use manual for guidelines while reconnecting your system printer.

On the off chance that you associate your printer through Bluetooth:

  • Ensure your printer is sufficiently close to your PC.
  • Attempt re-connecting your printer with your PC and check whether this tackles your concern.

Method 2: Run the printer troubleshooter

You can utilize troubleshooter to check your Canon printer and fix its issues.

To drive the printer troubleshooter:

  •  Press the Windows logo key, at that point type “troubleshooter”. Snap Troubleshoot or Troubleshooting in the outcomes.
  •  Open the trouble shooter. If you’re utilizing Windows 10, click Printer and afterward Run the troubleshooter.
  • If you’re on Windows 7, click Use a printer.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to finish the troubleshooting.

Method 3: Restart the Print Spooler service

The Print Spooler service on your PC deals with your print jobs and the similarity between your printer and PC. Your Canon printer may not be responding on the grounds that this service on your PC isn’t working appropriately.

To reset this service:

  • On your console, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously to alter the Run box.
  • Type “services.msc” and press Enter on your consent.
  • Click Print Spooler, at that point click Restart.
  • Check to check whether your printer can print.

Method 4: Setup the correct printer port for your printer

Your Canon may not be reacting because of the fact that you’re utilizing an off-base port for your printer. To change the settings of your printer port:

  • On your console, press the Windows logo key and R on your console simultaneously to conjure the Run box.
  • Type “control” and press Enter on your console.
  • Select Large symbols.
  • Tap on Devices and Printers.
  • Right snap your Canon printer, at that point click Printer properties.
  • Click Change Properties.

Click the Port tab, at that point check the port that:

  1. Contains the name of your printer;
  1. Has “USB” or “DOT4” in the portrayal in the event that you associate your printer with USB;
  1. Has “WSD”, “system” or “IP” in the portrayal in the event that you are utilizing a system printer.
  1. From that point onward, click Apply.
  • Click the General tab, at that point click Print Test Page to check you’ve rolled out the correct improvement.
  • On the off chance that you haven’t, rehash stage 7 and 8 until your printer is working appropriately.

Method 5: Update your printer driver

Your printer may not be reacting on the grounds that you’re utilizing an off-base printer driver or it’s obsolete. To check whether that is the situation for you, you should refresh your Canon printer driver canon ij setup. In the event that you don’t have the opportunity, tolerance or aptitudes to refresh your driver physically, you can do it consequently with Driver Easy.

You can download and introduce your drivers by utilizing either Free or Pro form of Driver Easy. Be that as it may, with the Pro form it takes just 2 ticks (and you get full help and a 30-day unconditional promise):

  • Download and introduce Driver Easy.
  • Click the Update button close to your Canon printer to download the most recent and right driver for it, at that point you can introduce it. You can likewise tap the Update All catch at the base option to naturally refresh all obsolete or missing drivers on your PC (this requires the Pro form — you will be incited to redesign when you click Update All).

Conclusion : canon printer stop working

We discussed all the reasons and their ways to fix the canon printer not working issue. If you are still facing a canon printer not working issue, then you need to take the help of the tech support.