Importance of Happy Meal Toys by Mcdonald’s

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Happy Meal Toys means a collection of a fast food item containing a hamburger, cheeseburger, a drink, and sometimes a serving of chicken nuggets. The happy meal by McDonald’s is very famous around the world. McDonald’s’ has been serving the happy meal to its customers since 1979. The happy meals are usually associated with the kids and many of the food chains offer toys along with their happy meals. This strategy of giving toys and gifts to the pint-sized customers is very functional. Kids love to enjoy the food and their joy is doubled with the associate toys.

Happy Meal Toys

After McDonald’s started giving toys and gifts along with their happy meals for kids, many other food chains followed the same strategy through time. It is because toys and small models of cartoons and movie characters play a crucial role in appealing to the kids. Thus, many US food chains such as Burger King, Subway, Wendy, etc. have been offering toys that are abreast of the latest cartoon or movie characters. In this way, these food chains have been so far successful in impressing the youngsters.

Why are Toys Important with Happy Meal?

The toys, along with happy meal boxesare important for the meals that are specifically for kids. If the target customers are youngsters, what can be the best strategy to impress them other than toys? That is why Happy Meal by various restaurants and fast-food chains got quite a popularity among the masses. Happy meals by the food chain that also dole out toys have become a part of the culture. It is the best and innovative way of marketing that the food chains have adopted. There is a separate option of Happy meal along with the regular meal offered by the food chain. Thus, people can easily choose a happy meal deal for their kids.

Technique to Make the Customers Wooed

When happy meal boxes first came out in 1979, the kids were completely mesmerized. The happy meal boxes were decorated and along with the meal, there was either a wristwatch, wallet, or a pencil eraser in the shape of a McDonald’s land Character. In this context, the happy meal provides the best possible experience: a toy of average quality, a portion of junk food that seduces 99% of children, and an outing that includes sharing with other children and playing with children’s games at a very good price having taken into account the value it generates. Without discussion: the happy meal is unbeatable.

The Quality of Toys Served with Happy Meal

People go out more and more and a sandwich is an inexpensive, filling option deeply rooted in the local gastronomic culture. For them, fast-food chains are just part of the new urban landscape.