Future Trends Of Big Data in Advanced App Development Process

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App Development Process
App Development Process

Do you know that a user produces approx 2 Mb of data in a second? Now imagine; if a single user creates this much amount of data, then how much data is created by the users worldwide? How difficult would it be to analyze this much amount of data?

This is the reason why Big Data came into the picture. Business models, companies, and enterprises need to analyze this gigantic volume of data; which includes the inflow of data through social media, phones, websites, etc.

TechJury report says that 11 million instant messages, 98,000+ tweets, 1820 TB of data; and 798,445 Google searches take place over the internet within a fraction of second. More and more data is produced as the number of mobile app users increases.

It reflects that the amount of data generated depends on smartphone users, which is directly relatable to mobile app development on multiple platforms.

By the time Big Data is gaining popularity, it is undoubtful to say that big data analytics has brought efficiency to mobile application development.

In the current market scenario, startups and enterprises are using Big Data analytics and machine learning, mobile, and online data to grab quality information about user preference and choice. Also, the detailed insight into the data helps the users to make real-time and fact-based decisions with a great app at the same time.

Now, before we dive into the future trends of big data in the advanced app development process, let’s try to understand what big data is?

What is Big Data?

The data collected from any resource is raw and requires innovation, improvement, and scalability based on trending technologies and business needs.

Big Data Analytics analyzes real-time data and gives real insights into the business to enjoy unprecedented business growth.

App Development Process
App Development Process

The graph above shows the increase in the number of data outputs in the last four years. Till now, we have witnessed an accumulation of 44 trillion gigabytes of data, with over 10 billion megabytes of data every second. The application of Big data analytics in the mobile app development process is accelerating with the time as more and more users are adding up to the list of app users.

What is the Role of Big Data in Advanced mobile app development?

Nowadays, there is no business left in the market that owns a mobile app. And why not so? Users of almost all age groups like mobile apps because they are fast, easy to use, and above all bug-free cover all the major requirements.

And here comes Big Data as rescue as it ensures that the mobile app development is done efficiently.

Now, let’s see the major role of Big data in mobile app development.

Real-time Data Access

App Development Process
App Development Process

By the time, companies need to bring changes in their marketing strategies, needs, and trends just because the client’s needs and preferences are changing accordingly.

With the help of these data, companies can see the changes in customers’ world to make precise decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

For Example: Let’s take a mobile mediation application that monitors how much time do you devote to yoga and pranayamas individually, activity patterns, timing, and how it is affecting your overall health lifecycle.

Your mobile application will function smoothly only when it can track the real-time information of its users. Through these stats, healthcare providers can detect health problems and give medications accordingly.

Customer-Driven Applications

The business is working, and the mobile application has been listed in the PlayStore and App Store. But, is it enough for the success of business in the upcoming years?

The application must be eye-catchy, user-friendly, and error-free to drive enough customer base. The user behavior can be recognized based on their age groups, lifestyle, backgrounds, and age groups that will help you develop a great app.

And here, Big Data comes as a win!

It offers a report after carefully analyzing customer behavior and experience. A client-driven app can only generate revenue for your companies as customers are the king, and you should know what they want.

User-Experience Analysis

User- experience is the most vital thing that must analyze before developing a mobile app. So, companies nowadays focus more on building apps powered by Big Data. 

It studies the customers’ critical behavior and helps the customers interact and approach their requirements. Additionally, Big Data Analytics allows the application developers to upgrade the product application on a timely basis based on the end-user experience and response.

After going through the user response to mobile app features and functionalities; companies may incorporate more innovative technologies with the app  to entice the users.

Sale Conversions

What if customers are visiting your application and not turning out to be a potential buyer? It indicates that the app is not serving the purpose it was meant for?

And, here Big Data comes into play as it is not merely confined to gathering local data. Expand your reach and make your sales target audience across states and countries.

Edge Computing is one of the Big Data elements that allows companies to study and gather information close to the user-behavior and buying pattern. It reduces the time and distance traveled by the data, latency, and the cost of transferring the data.

With the help of Big Data, app developers can build individual app settings based on their user needs.

Marketing Strategies

Launching the mobile app for your business might be an easy task, but making the app’s visibility in the user’s eye is way difficult. This may include user needs, demands, expectations, likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, etc.

Big Data helps in getting a competitive analysis of the market and end-user expectations. Through this, you can determine your target audience.


Big Data makes the raw data more improved and personalized by offering its personalized data search. This data helps the PHP developers to add more features accordingly and enhance the user experience.

Moreover, it becomes easier to optimize the search and offer instant and smarter results.

Future Of Big Data in Mobile Apps

App Development Process
App Development Process

The developer stats say that the number of mobile app users expected to grow 6.95 billion by the end of 2023. On average, a customer used to spend more than 5 hours on their mobile screen.

App Developers can gain a lot with Big Data; as it has already become a crucial part of mobile app development.

Mobile apps are easier to use than the entire computer software. Analytics professionals use Big Data technology to explore more compelling and advanced features for future apps.

Thus investing in Big Data analytics is one of the best and wise decisions for companies; as it helps them achieve advanced app features and ideal user-experience.

Popular Brands using Big Data Analytics

Perhaps, many companies in the market use Big data for predictive analytics, some of the top brands that use it are Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks. They use big data technology to retrieve a vast range of useful information to delight them with a great service in real-time.

Final Words

Big Data Analytics proves to be a fascinating technology in this digital era. It is with us and will be a part of our life for a long time. It vows to change how the business operates in different sectors and keeps us captive to the new trends; and involvement that improves the mobile app development process.

Being a part of this competitive world, you must invest in the right technology to take your business ahead. Many startups and enterprises are embracing the potential of big data and are depending upon their ability to collect information from the users and analyze it for actionable insights. If you also want to use Big Data to develop an advanced mobile application; it would be wise to contact a good mobile app development company India that can develop a customized app for you.