Characteristics of Online Proctoring Platform

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The online proctoring platform system is the advanced AI integrated tool that has been created for the students to give exams in a cheat-proof test environment. The online proctoring system is great in today’s context where the global breakdown of COVID-19 is becoming severe. Purchase online COVID-19 TEST KIT Here. The exams are important to build the children’s future. It increases the scope of the executive to conduct online exams from any remote location without hassle. This type of exam would also not result in misleading acts or attempts during the exam. The three types of online proctoring systems available are- live online proctoring platform, recording, and advanced automated proctoring. Each proctoring system has its pros and cons.

online proctoring platform
online proctoring platform

Therefore, the various outstanding features of the online proctoring system are-

1. Throughout security

 The integrity of the assessment of the proctoring system is the main issue and the biggest challenge where student’s privacy is the topmost concern. The online remote proctoring solution protects the integrity of the exam with features such as preventing internet access, mobile device use, screen capture, etc. The end to end security assessment of proctoring reduces human bias or error.

2. Technical support

Setting up a safe, secure, and testing environment was difficult to implement inside the school or college and now it is more difficult when the online proctoring platform system comes in the place. It is because simply arranging a microphone or a camera on a desktop can cost an organization a notable amount of time and money on technical support whereas in an online proctoring system one should make sure that technical support should be easily accessible and a profound available features.

3. Advanced monitoring features

 Advance AI integrated tool has taken remote proctoring to the next level. It is because machine learning and advanced face detection tools or technology can deliver concise, accurate results and is a plus point that can outperform human proctors. Such advanced factors can help organizations to achieve a higher level of integrity by removing bias or human error.

4. Candidate authentication

 The first step in the online proctoring platform tool is to check the candidate’s authentication. This feature enables the administrator to check the candidate’s identification through Aadhar card, IP address, or through a one-time password (OTP). The basic reason for checking is to know the person who is sitting for an exam is an original candidate and not his\her family member.

5. Browsing drawback

 Though it sounds easy that online exams are easy to implement but the biggest drawback for the candidates appearing for an exam is the limitation of browsing. That means the candidate should be given significant attempts for leaving the test screen. In case they exceed the limit then the result would be such that the test will automatically end. The students or candidates cannot further complain of such an act.

6. Red flags issue

 Since a remote proctor system is an AI advanced assessment tool where candidates are being observed while giving an exam. Therefore, if an executive found a student violating any guidelines or misleading acts during an exam; then red-flags will be raised. In case the student still does not found sincere and constantly red flags are raising, then the proctor can easily pause or stop the exam of the candidate resulting, in the end of the test. During the process of online exams, the function of copy and paste is also disabled so that it won’t be easy for the students to cheat from the browser.

7. Detailed report

 The benefit of the online proctoring system is that it eliminates the human error or bias in such a sense that at the end of the test, a detailed report is generated from the executive or administrator and the student. The detailed report highlights the genuine responses i.e. how many times a red flag is being raised on a particular student tests and the marks obtained by an individual in a particular subject. It is a great tool that eliminates human error while checking the exam. The whole paper is checked with computerized machine learning without involving human consent.

8. Convenience

 Many students come from different places to study in school, colleges. Therefore, the online proctoring system enables the candidate to attempt an exam freely from anywhere. The candidates only need mobile or desktop and internet connectivity to give the exam from any corner of the world. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the test takers to give an exam at their convenience.

9. Environment friendly and saves a lot of time

 The online proctoring promotes environment friendliness because it saves the paper. Also, it saves time for the administrator right form inviting the candidates to report the results. All can be done with automated technology without human involvement. Therefore, the remote proctoring is environment friendly and time-saving tool and has a huge demand among the students.

10. Tracking option

 The online proctoring is of several types where the candidate is being observed through audio, video; and screen sharing feeds in real-time. The live online proctoring platform gives accurate and genuine highlights from the candidate’s exam. Online tracking helps the administrator to look at the candidate throughout the exam whether they are doing their paper alone or with friends. This minimizes the unfair practices and misleading acts by a student. Tracking enables end-to-end security with proper measures.

Last words,

An online proctored exam is exclusively designed to implement in an organizational and educational setting. It proves to be a great tool for the administrators who can observe the students while giving exams and monitor their every step that does not lead to any unfair practices or means. They also get to know which student has got the highest red flags raised after the exam. Lastly, the proctored exam is not as easy as it seems because the student gets the limited trials to open the browser and someone is always there watching their moves. Therefore, one should know every possible means to not occur any mistake throughout the exam that could lead to the cancellation of the exam.