How to help local businesses grow and make a high profit this Diwali?

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 If given the choice, Would you rather choose earthen diyas or the electrical ones? Maybe right now you would opt for the eclectic ones but let me repeat the question in the end article. You may select them over the earthen ones because they are easy to light up. No oil or wick needed, no but they can never match the brightness and gorgeousness earthen ones bring to your place. You know why? Because the poor vendor puts in all the love in making that diya for local businesses. Just like these diyas, our vendors prepare homegrown stuff with all love and heart that are ideal for our Diwali celebration. 

As we know the festival of Diwali comes with lots of traditions like shopping for new clothes, buying Diwali gifts for family and friends. Soon after Dussehra, people will start collecting gifts for their loved ones. The local sellers are all prepped up with their creative stuff, waiting for the costumes. But where is this custom? With a heavy heart, I have to say that this custom is busy exploring international websites. The discounts may allure you into it, but let’s join hands with this Diwali to promote our small businesses. Here are some ways how you can redefine the idea of shopping and keep it to the local markets.

Shop from small shops

First, let me tell you what you can do while shopping offline. I know, shopping offline in such a time can be a bit risky. But if you are taking all the preventative measures, trust me, you are just as safe as before all this pandemic scene. So, you don’t need to shun going out shopping. Though all shops situated on our land belong to us, but it will be a great help if instead of going to big showrooms and malls, you opt to go to smaller shops. These small sellers need your support more than anyone else. For example, Prefer buying diyas and candles from the roadside vendor even if you are getting an irresistible offer on international platforms. Just like this, consider small businesses instead of bigger ones to shop in this festive season.

Look for Indian sellers online

This festive season, rethink your routine of Diwali shopping if you are more of an online person. You know, even while shopping online, you can still promote local businesses. There are two types of online portals, one that is Indian and the other is international. Stick to the Indian portals to help the small seller make it big this Diwali. When buying online, look for the seller. Make sure that the seller you are buying from is a local one. Some sellers join hands with the giant portals to reach a higher audience. So, buying from them is the best way to help them. Some Indian sellers even have their own websites, you can look for them as well. You get an amazing range of Diwali gifts online on these home brand websites at very reasonable prices.

Shop homegrown products

The next thing that you can do on your part is to make sure that you buy home grown products. As our prime minister has always stated, Indians should promote local businesses by making sure that they buy products that are ‘made in India’. This way you not only help the local economy but even help the labor and their families. Since the shopping list on Diwali is really long, this is the perfect time when you can push up the economy instantly by buying everything that is crafted in India. Before adding anything to your cart this festive season, make sure that you check its tag that says “manufactured in India’ and only then complete the buying process for local businesses. Your small pledge of sticking to Indian products can make a lot of change in someone’s life. 

Look for Indian brands

There are several Indian brands that deal in everything that you need to buy. Be it clothes, footwear, household stuff, home decor item, gold, silver, accessories, etc., you name it and Indian brands are there. No matter how much the multinational brands lure you with great discounts and offers, stick to only the brands that are Indian and stuff that is made only on this land because your vendors truly need your support, and this way you are helping Indian brands to prosper. Make sure that you research properly on the Indian brands before buying gifts.

This Diwali, Go local and make Diwali brighter for Indian vendors this year. Make sure that you make at least one family happy this festive season. Diwali is all about spreading smiles, lets are the reason, someone takes all the joy and smiles back home. Try it one, and you will feel good because you did something for small sellers and most importantly, for your country.

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