How to create a startup with an advertisement plugin for WordPress

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Nowadays having a startup is one of the main topics for people that have an entrepreneurial mindset. In this article we are going to explain how you can have an advertisement startup with Listdom. Firstly we will explain the WordPress and Listdom advertisement plugin, and then we will explain how you can set up an advertisement startup with this amazing WordPress plugin.

An Introduction to WordPress and Listdom

WordPress is the best CMS in the world and allows you to create different websites with simple and easy to use tools and features. On the other hand, in WordPress when you want to have more advanced features you need plugins and themes. These Plugins and themes increase features of WordPress and give you more tools. Listdom is an advertisement plugin for WordPress which allows you to create advertisement websites.

Listdom Lite And Its Amazing Features

Listdom Lite is a free advertisement plugin for WordPress and you can download it from WordPress plugins repository. This amazing plugin allows you to add Ads in back-end and then show them in more than 80 styles and skins like:

  • Grid View
  • List View
  • Half Map/List View
  • Masonry View
  • Table View
  • Carousel View
  • Slider View
  • Cover View
  • Google Map View
  • List+Grid View
  • And …

On the other hand, Listdom Lite allows you to categorize Ads  with categories, features, labels, locations, and tags. As you see Listdom Lite is enough to create an amazing advertisement website with WordPress and you can have a fully functional website with that.

Be More Advanced With Listdom Pro

Now it is the time to talk about Listdom Pro, it is a paid WordPress advertising plugin which gives you additional features than Listdom Lite and you can have more advanced features. The first thing which this version provides you is front-end add and manage listing. So your users can add and manage their listings  in the front-end without accessing your WordPress backend. The second option that Listdom Pro provides is custom fields, with this feature you can add different fields per category or for all categories. For example you have Bank and Business categories, the fields that you have for Bank listings will be different than Business listings.

Having A Map Without API Key

Showing advertisement listings on Map is very important, as we already explained Listdom Lite provides you with a Google Map which needs API and in some cases people do not like it. So Listdom Pro came up with OpenStreetMap which is a free map and does not need API keys.


Finally, Listdom Pro and Listdom Lite have lots of advanced and professional features which you can see the list of them on product pages that are already linked. With these free and paid WordPress plugins you can easily create modern advertisement websites and start your way on startup from scratch.