The 6 Best USA Virtual Service Providers Of 2020

Virtual Phone Numbers​ use a virtual​ phone system instead of conventional systems to provide telephony services through the internet. ​           

Businesses can easily buy virtual phone numbers, add numerous users to it, and start rendering phone calls to their prospects.

With so many options available in the market, the quest to find the best virtual phone number USA​ service providers can become overwhelming. Comparing alternatives for anything is a daunting task. But with us by your side, you don’t need to worry at all!   

We bring the best virtual phone number providers in the USA that offer features like reliable call quality, comprehensive business features, and so on at affordable rates. Here, we have run a comparison of the best VoIP providers based on the prices and benefits. 

In this article, we’ve enumerated 6 best USA virtual service providers of 2020.

But before diving into the article, let’s see how to choose your preferred VoIP provider.

Choosing the Best Voip Provider 

You can easily engage with your website visitors with the help of US virtual numbers​.​ You can incorporate virtual phone numbers with various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop applications, etc. Not just that, you can make phone calls easily with any web and mobile app. No matter from where you place calls, the same number is displayed on the receiver’s screen every time.  

A right US virtual phone number service​      providers should  offer the following benefits:​           

Keeping such features in mind, let us begin our search to find the best virtual US phone​  number provider.


Grasshopper offers 800 numbers, toll-free numbers, 833 numbers, local, and vanity numbers.  

Located in Boston, it is more focused on offering services to entrepreneurs. The features and services help entrepreneurs thrive in their business and become more valuable to their clients.  

Price:​ They offer multiple plans, and their plans start from as low as $29/ month.


RingCentral is one of the best VoIP phone services for large call volumes. It offers unlimited calling and a multi-level auto attendant. Starting from $29.99 per month per user, it provides a host of features such as toll-free minutes, unlimited calling, call log reports, to name a few. RingCentral is ideal for large sales teams of enterprise levels.       

Along with that, they offer an online knowledge base, 24/7 customer support, online chat support, and ticket requests. RingCentral also provides webinars on a variety of topics for those looking to explore the software by themselves. 

RingCentral offers three plans:- Essential, Standard, and Premium. 


RingCentral’s Essentials plan offers 100 toll-free minutes and unlimited calling for $29.99 per user per month. Businesses looking for a one-stop destination for all their telephony needs must opt for RingCentral’s essentials. It offers unlimited calling, texting, visual voicemail, voicemail-to-email, and high-definition voice features. Additionally, you can also integrate the software to Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, and Dropbox, so you don’t miss any critical file. This feature is ideal for small businesses that want a simple VoIP service with basic features. 


RingCentral Standard plan offers 1000 toll-free minutes,  multi-level auto attendant with call routing features, and video conferencing for up to four people. Along with that, you can directly call to multiple locations or external phone numbers, for $34.99 per user per month. RingCentral’s Standard plan offers more toll-free minutes than any other virtual US phone number provider of this range. Businesses looking for inbound call management tools should use this feature for their needs. 


RingCentral’s Premium plan caters to the large sales teams with massive call volumes. It offers 2500 free minutes and unlimited audio and video meetings for up to 100 people. Moreover, the premium feature also includes automatic call recording and multisite support for businesses with multiple branches. The Premium plan works great for call centers having massive calling needs and companies who do regular checks for quality assurance, training, and compliances. 

Google Voice

Google Voice is another promising virtual USA phone number​ provider.​    It works great with different web​ and mobile applications making the process of virtual phone calls easy and hassle-free. You need to sign in to your G-Suite account to avail of this service.  

Google Voice provides two plans majorly— Business and Personal.  The Personal program is offered free of cost, and you can easily use it with all the apps provided by Google. You need to pay $10 per month per user to get the Business Plan. This plan comes with a plethora of features, including live receptionist, call forwarding, etc.  The business plan offers premium numbers so you can avail of all the benefits of the plan. is a premium virtual phone number USA​ service provider that offers cloud-based VoIP services. provides an array of features along with giving the virtual phone numbers. Not only that, but it also offers business-related phone features that you can use while making calls. If you run a local business, you can leverage their local and toll-free numbers.   

The exciting part about their plans is that they offer pay per minute schemes to their subscribers. This means that you only pay for your usage. 

Hence, this feature makes them an affordable phone number service​ provider. Also,​       there is no limit on adding team members, which means you can have conference calls and group meetings while being on the go.

Price: Their plans start from $9.99/month though the billing is done annually. 


8×8 offers advanced features such as unlimited calls to US phone number, unlimited video meeting, texting and chat, auto-receptionist and voicemail, mobile and desktop app, and so on. Along with offering robust call features, 8×8 offers a cloud platform that delivers reliable, secure and integrated communications.

8*8 offers three packages- X2, X5, and X8, all with international calling. If you have to make frequent international calls, 8*8 can provide you the right US phone number. 


8×8’s X2  includes a phone number, unlimited calling to about 14 countries, audio and video conferencing features for up to 100 people, and 1 GB storage for $25 per user per month. This feature also includes voicemail, CRM integration, team messaging, and an auto-attendant. X2 is an excellent choice for consultants, business owners, and sales teams that need USA phone numbers.


8×8’s X5 enables businesses to record calls, hold conferences for up to 25 people, unlimited international calls from a US virtual phone number to 32 countries, and 5GB of media storage for $35 per month per user. This plan also has an operator switchboard for routing and transferring calls from a computer browser. X5 is ideal for businesses looking to tap a broader international market and organizations with an overseas customer base. 


8X8’s X8 includes reporting tools and a contact center page with 10 GB media storage and 2000 domestic calling minutes. It also offers auto-diallers and IVR technology. Companies looking to have a US phone system with contact center software integration must use X8.


Nextiva is rated as the top business phone system in 2020.  It offers features like toll-free numbers, voicemail, auto-attendant, helpdesk, sales CRM, etc.  It brings your team and clients in one place.

With Nextiva, you just need only one tool for client handling and management. Not only that, but you can also make informed decisions by turning raw data into actionable insight for your business using its chat, email, phone, and SMS services. 

Nextiva enables you to manage your entire workflow from one tool, so you have more time for building customer relationships.

Nextiva offers three plans — Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. 


Nextiva’s basic plan offers domestic calling, free local and toll-free US phone numbers, and an auto-attendant. It also provides voicemail-to-email transcription and a cloud private branch exchange (PBX) to receive and route incoming calls. Nextiva’s Basic works well for small businesses and teams looking for simple VoIP software. The plan starts at $35 per month per user.  


Nextiva’s Pro package offers unlimited SMS, professional greetings, and unlimited conference calling in just $38 per user per month. This plan is for businesses and teams working remotely.


Nextiva’s enterprise VoIP plan offers inbound and outbound call recording, voice mail transcription, and three call recorded greetings. Enterprise plan starts at $55 per month per user. If you’re looking for a VoIP solution for strategic planning and quality assurance,  then Nextiva’s enterprise fits the bill. 

Global Call Forwarding 

Like many other companies, they, too, provide toll-free numbers to the US as well as to other countries.  They offer several benefits such as call transfer, fax to email, voicemail to email, standard API, custom greeting, simultaneous ringing, and so on to their customers.

Price: Their pricing plans start from as low as $15/month. You can choose your desired option from the list of plans available.


Vonage makes communications flexible, intelligent, and personal to help global enterprises ace in what they’re doing. They’ve unified communications by bringing contact centers and sales teams under one umbrella. 

It is a complete package for enterprises of all sizes as it offers collaboration tools along with the communication tools. Not just that, Vonage also offers customer support, guides on troubleshooting, and other features.

Vonage is the best VoIP software for the sales team and consultants looking to have a US virtual phone number for multiple collaborations.  

Vonage offers three packages- Mobile, Premium, and Advanced. All three plans include unlimited calling, text, and other features. This US phone software also offers a la carte options for more customizations.


 The mobile plan for this software is ranked as one of the best VoIP apps. It offers unlimited calling, SMS, voicemail, and team messaging. Additionally, you can use its call management tools, call screening, and call continuity to prevent any technical glitches. The mobile plan of Vonage starts at $19.99 per user per month and is best for remote teams relying on a unified VoIP software for their needs. 


Vonage’s Premium offers video conferring and media sharing through Amazon Chime for desktop and mobile for as many as 100 people. This plan is priced at $29.99 per user per month.  Premium offers a multilevel auto attendant and CRM integration for Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, and more such collaboration tools. 

The premium plan works great for companies that want a VoIP phone system to communicate with their business apps and CRM tools.


Vonage’s Advanced offers visual voicemail and a whopping 15 hours per month of on-demand call recording, enabling employees to decide which calls they want to record. It also provides a call group to help them to forward calls to multiple extensions simultaneously. 

At $39..99 per user per month, Vonage’s advanced plan is ideal for businesses that are starting with the VoIP services.  


CallHippo is an on-demand VoIP service provider. It empowers businesses in over 50+ countries with its host of phone features. With CallHippo’s intuitive and robust interface, any business can set up a call within 3 minutes. It provides voicemail, calls recording, call analytics, ring all, among other features.

It offers five different plans — Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Enterprise. The enterprise plan is tailored according to your requirements and hence is the costliest. 


While searching for the best virtual phone number​ providers USA, we hope you find the article useful. Weigh the pros and cons and vet which plan from which service provider will suit your needs. If you have your business offices located in countries other than your home country, we recommend choosing global service providers for US virtual numbers.​     Start​ availing the service from one of their basic plans to gauge their services and quality and gradually upgrade as per needs.