A broad guide about the OYO Rooms Clone app that might give you a whooping success

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Most of the people would have gone through a tiresome process of searching for a private space, a shared apartment, or a room while studying, or while starting a career, etc. And the process doesn’t just get over once the room is rented. They have to go through dealing with landlords, poor maintenance, etc. 

But all thanks to the hotel booking app like OYO Rooms, that everything now can be just booked with just a few taps, and that too at a lower budget. As a subsidiary, the business owners are also finding their solid ground in the Co-living market. 

A brief history of OYO Rooms:

The popularity of the app started from the year 2013, while the app was first available in India, it started booming in other countries like China, Nepal, Malaysia, and the USA. It is the third-largest hotel brand in China and has become one of the top hotel chains in the world. 

It had acquired over 1.3 million users by December 2018 and had increased 16X in earning and profits from its partners. By December 2018, it had 658K leased and franchised keys. 

As seen, the profit of the business is way higher and to have a similar app is possible with OYO Rooms Clone app development. 

OYO rooms Clone app
OYO rooms Clone app

But before looking into all the other aspects of the hotel booking app, it is mandatory to choose the business model. 

Various Business models of the app:

There are two different business models that you can choose from:

>> Aggregator model

>> Franchise model

>> Aggregator model:

The aggregator model is where you request different hotels, property dealers, and owners of the properties to partner with your app and to have their brands displayed on it. The customer would use your app to find their suitable place without knowing the brand names but they would receive all your hospitality services. 

>> Franchise model:

This model is what OYO Rooms currently work with. The hotels or properties would come under your conditions and terms in the model. They will have to offer the services based on your standards and constraints. The quality assurance would be done by them. 

Now that we have seen the business models, though you might be familiar with the features, let’s look at the essential features that your clone app should contain. 

Different panels:

There are three different app panels, each containing different features.

User Panel:

# Registration: Users can create an account on the app by signing up or logging in using their social media handles. 

# Search: Using a keyword, customers can search for the hotels of their choice.

Notifications: Every step of the hotel booking status will be notified to the customers through push notifications.

# Payment option: Customers can process hassle-free transactions with multiple payment options.

Filter: Results can be narrowed down to match a specific category such as amenities, price range.

# Two-factor authentication: By enabling this feature, customers can log in with an OTP every time they enter the app for security reasons.

For vendors, there are two types to monitor from mobile and website by Vendor app and Vendor panel separately. 

Hotel Vendor app:

# Registration: Vendors should create a profile in the app, with their name, contact details, and other personal details

# Listing: The hotel rooms can be added with their photos, price, and descriptions in the app by the hotel vendors.

Earnings: In the earning dashboard, the earnings from the hotel bookings can be viewed.

# ID Card: Vendors will have an ID card after the successful registration and verification of submitted credentials.

# Discounts and Offers: Vendors can post some discounts and offers to captivate more customers.

Hotel Vendor Panel:

# Dashboard: Vendors would be able to view all their ratings, earnings, and so on from the dashboard. 

Refunds: Through this section, vendors would be able to execute the customer request for a refund, if it is eligible.

# Insightful Reports: The performance of the hotels from their views and bookings can be viewed by the vendor.

Admin Panel:

Dashboards: Admin can view all the options occurring in the app like revenue and so on.

Vendor management: Here, the admins can view the information about the number of vendors, commission fees, and their privileges, and much more.

Content management: Contents like Text, Photos, and Videos can be viewed, modified, or removed by this panel.

# Notifications: Admin can send custom alerts to the customers regarding new updates, discounts, etc. 

The integration of these many features into the OYO Rooms clone app may seem challenging. But fear not when the OYO Rooms Clone script is here. The scripts are built with cutting-edge technology solutions that are totally customizable. These scripts are developed by a team of experts saving you an ample amount of time, effort, and money. 

The benefits of the OYO rooms Clone app are:

Easy profile creation: Customers and vendors can easily create their profile with multiple options

Verified customers: Customers can get their first preference by connecting their profile with their social media profiles

Referrals: Users can gain offers and rewards by referring the app to their friends

Multi-payment options: Customers can pay using multiple payment options including cash, credit/debit cards, etc. 

Reviews and ratings: Customers can rate their experience with the hotel rooms that can be beneficial to other customers.  


Don’t forget that technology is also advancing with the days passing. So don’t delay and get in touch with the developers. We hope that the customers would delight to use your app!