Challenge Couples Face While Choosing Engagement Rings

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When you are going to tie a knot with someone, one of the primary and special functions will be the engagement ceremony. And buying a ring for that day is not going to be an easy task. The most important thing that your partner must be waiting to see will be the engagement ring you are going to propose. It’s quite common nowadays that couples buy Engagement Rings together but many of them, due to their circumstances, are not able to consider that. And they face so many challenges which may be memorable, but sometimes it gets pathetic and can spoil an important moment. So, we are sharing a few challenges that every couple might face and how to deal with them.


Few Challenges when selecting engagement rings:


  1. Choosing the material

It sounds simple like, you say you love diamond, gold, or platinum, and you are done. But that is not as easy as it seems. Choosing a metal can be challenging, especially when you don’t know the preference of your partner. Some metals can’t be cut and resized or repaired, some look beautiful but are expensive, and some are cheap but of low quality. So, consider the lifestyle factor, which will tell you about what level of durability you should look for and what you can afford for it. Then only you can move ahead towards choosing the right metal.


  1. Selecting the design

There are different kinds of design which you will find over several online websites as well as in the jewellery showrooms. So you might face difficulty when selecting a design that is just perfect. Sometimes, you get attracted to a piece but are not satisfied with every part of it. In that case, you can opt for a customized design. Trendy ideas that are getting popular these days, people are customizing the ring according to the attire, or the first letter of their partner name. Whether it is a personalized piece or a ready-made one that you want, you can always try Hatton gardens engagement rings as you can avail of a wide range of colours, designs, and patterns with them.


  1. Buying a ring that suits your partner

One of the critical parts of shopping for an engagement ring is knowing if the ring you are buying will look good on your husband/wife or not. This one is the toughest if you are alone shopping for your partner. If possible, try to shop ring together, but if that is not possible, ask your partner to visit any shop and try different designs and styles and take the snap. Ask them to send all those to you, and you could check what kind of colours and patterns perfectly suits your partner accordingly.


  1. Picking the size

The wrong ring size is something that can spoil the whole event. It will be a matter of fun in front of others if it turns out bigger or smaller during the ring ceremony. So, be double sure that the ring is of the correct size and perfectly fits your partner. You can ask him/her to tell you the correct measurement or let the jewellers do the work if none of you are sure about it. 


  1. Managing the budget

Every couple finds it hard to stick to a budget when buying an engagement ring. But, that would be silly to overspend without any proper planning. You might spend thousands of dollars just for a difference of few grams, and that is not a wise thing to do. You got to invest in a lot more things than the engagement ring, as in marriages, there is an endless number of rituals and functions to celebrate. So, decide on how much you can afford on it with having an account of all the other expenses.



From the above discussion, you must be having a clear picture of what challenges a couple of faces while selecting an engagement ring and how to get rid of them. Apart from this if still, you are getting confused, consult any of your friends, family members, or colleague who is having good taste and experience in buying an engagement ring. Also, we will suggest going to the best Jewellers in Hatton Garden for a great collection of beautiful engagement rings along with remarkable services.