Cricut Maker: All about the cutting machine

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Since around 2010, creative leisure activities have exploded. With a market estimated at almost one billion euros, demand continues to grow. Collage, decoration, scrapbooking, painting, construction, sewing, are available endlessly and attract children. If you are looking for a really efficient machine for your sewing work, we have good news for you that is Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker: but what is it?

When asked about Cricut Maker, it’s obvious that the Cricut Maker is a joy to its owners. But what is Cricut Maker? Quite simply it is a very functional cutting machine. Flexible or more rigid textile-like faux leather or vinyl, nothing can resist it. It can even attack cardboard or plywood if they do not exceed 2.4 mm thick!

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker reproduces, during cutting, the initial pattern, taken from the software delivered or that you found, via the Internet. It can even perform pleating work. It is enough, once the cutting is finished, to carefully separate the cut pieces from the scraps; both being glued on the transport board which is slightly adhesive, for better support during cutting. Interested? We tell you a little more about the Cricut Maker.

All the features of the Cricut Maker cutting machine

Cutting and blades

The Cricut maker is a plotter ( translation of plotter ) which, as its name suggests, allows the cutting of many materials following a precise path. This is possible thanks to the presence of a rotating blade. The Cricut Maker model also incorporates a deep blade; the one that will be able to overcome the cardboard and the thin thickness of the wood. If the brand already offered other machines of the same type, the Cricut Maker gains in efficiency and robustness, because the blade has been revised to offer a cutting force significantly higher than previous models. The pressure exerted by this knife blade can go up to 4 Kg. The pencil and one or the other blade is inserted on the front of the device, with small latches to tilt. Be sure to replace the plastic protective caps after use.

Everything for your creative projects

The Cricut Maker model mainly intended for people carrying out sewing work, for DIY. The customization of clothing facilitates here with the addition of pieces of fabric expertly cut by the machine. The machine can cut 29.2 centimeters with the conventional transport sheet. But if you use a large model of carpet, it can go up to 56.2 centimeters. One can imagine how useful it is to take the Cricut Maker machine to carry out sewing work like a patchwork for example.

Other creative hobbies, such as the creation of cardboard objects, the customization of mugs or everyday objects can find a definite benefit. The Cricut Maker machine is easy to handle. It is also possible to view tutorials on the Internet. But the pictures speak for themselves for general operation. The controls consist of 4 buttons on the machine cover. It includes storage places to store creative materials including blades and pencils.

Tools and software

Do you like the design? It is possible to print and cut it, in a single gesture with Cricut Maker’s very precise cutting machine. Design Space software allows full use. The files recognized by Cricut Maker cutting machine are numerous. We can cite jpg or png, for the best known. There are 6 in total. This specific software makes it possible to apprehend the machine, for the neophytes. It is quite easy to use, which was not the case for the previous machine models. Cricut Maker is also possible to add a USB adapter to the machine so that you can buy designs online on the brand’s website and print them on the machine directly. For people who find the software too limited, it will always be possible to import creations by going to other creative software. 

This cutting machine also works in Bluetooth, but it is also possible to use a USB cable to connect it to your Smartphone. A specific location has also been dedicated for this purpose on the top of the cutting device. You can of course use your computer or tablet to help you with your creations. The Cricut Design Space application can help you to use the machine but also to find original ideas. The Cricut Maker comes with a transport sheet displaying 30.5 x 30.5 centimeters, but it is possible on the brand’s website to buy a larger model, depending on your activities. This sheet will then be 30 x 60 centimeters.

Cricut Maker

Why use the Cricut Maker?

It can be difficult to make precision cuts with simple scissors, especially on fabric. However, sewing enthusiasts are looking to make their clothes, their interior design more beautiful. So they expect perfect work. Working with cardboard or fine wood can also be complicated when you only have one cutter. Performing its pressure cutting work, this machine offers a convincing result.

Should I buy the Cricut Maker cutting machine?

Some critics regret that we cannot use this new blade more powerful on the old machines of the brand, pushing to buy this last model. They also regret that the machine does not act as a scanner  ( like its big competitor the ScanNcut) to be able to scan models they like. But let them be reassured regarding the first point. The brand promises that the accessories that should see the light of day will be compatible with the Cricut Maker; which will multiply its possibilities. This machine is sold at just over 400 euros, which represents a certain cost, but it is worth noting that the package will include some additional accessories. You will be able to find among other things, in addition to the machine itself and the blades, two machine mats, a black pen, a USB cable…

Four essential Cricut Maker accessories

  1. Cricut Multicolor Weed kit Tool Kit
  2. The Cricut 2001974 Standard Adhesive Cutting Mat 30.48 x 30.48 cm
  3. Cricut Single Scoring Wheel Tip with Housing, Multicolor, unique
  4. ProCase Bag Cutting Machines