6 secret tips: How to improve printing quality for eye shadow boxes?

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For every, woman the eye is the most critical part of their body. They are very much particular about the things they apply to their eyes, whether eyeliner, primer or eye shadows. Many firms have offered to boost the beauty of the eyes, but not all of them make their way to vanity tables. Why is it is so? It is because it fails to impress the buyers because of faulty packaging. Among all other beauty tools the eyeshadows are the most vital because it reflects your mood and vibe and it is one of the most selling things in the makeup sector. So you need to be very much specific about the eyeshadow boxes.

What place Eyeshadow Boxes have in Branding?

The cardboard case with the beautiful prints and images adds value to the items and shows the benefits. The eye colors cases highlight the:

  • range of color that brand is offering
  • packaging

These cases deliver the firms messages to the target user and boosts the sales in the competitive sector. Here is the key, when you present the brand’s motto in the right manner and show the feature of the items to the user, it more business revenues.

Suppose you are making the items cases correctly but still conscious about the outcomes. In that case, you have to consider the branding tactics. Branding needs the perfect printing for eye color boxes and here are the top 6 tips that will help you create a beautiful box with ideal prints.

1. Best Packaging Material Best Printing

For the best outcome of any painting, you need a perfect canvas. So is the case with the printing. Despite printing machines and the top-ink, you will never receive the beautiful print if the materials are not of excellent quality. It is vital to pick the stuff for the eyeshadow cases that is print-friendly and does not cost you much. Much material is accessible for creating charming boxes, but not all are best for making images and graphics. Following are the stuff that you must look for:

  • Kraft paper
  • cardboard 
  • corrugated stuff

While picking the custom boxes, choose the quality stuff with excellent printing factories. The stuff mentions above do not only offer an ideal surface for grains but also give a shield against external factors like 

  • change in temperature 
  • moisture 
  • resistant to jerks
  • If you want a full-color payoff, smoothness, and finishing, then never ignores the value of stuff quality. Whatever design you choose for the items, if it does not have the right print, it means no sales.

2. Examine Size and Shape then Pick The right Printing Pattern

Here are the key rules for the package:

  • Small boxes for the little items
  • large cases for big things

Once you have picked the right size cases in the best material, the 2nd step is choosing the best print or image as per the need of the box. If you like some graphic or logo and what to print it on the carton, adjust size as per the cartons’ dimension. It is possible by changing the measure in the software before beginning the printing process. Usually, the single eyeshadow boxes are small and need limitations for images and logo prints. 

Pick the appropriate size of the image and logo; if the eye color kit is large, and then adjust the logo as per the measures. The photos and print size must fit the carton, and it should be readable.

3. Pick the Perfect Colors

 In the makeup sector, color schemes play a vital role. For example, users pick the shades while looking at the guide on the boxes. Sometimes tester is not accessible, or in cases like COVID 19, firms do not permit buyers to use the tester. So you have to be very specific about the print so that it gives the same color outcome as it provides on the skin.

You must choose the right color schemes and shapes for the eyeshadow case. Look for professional help in the eyeshadow box’s design and print because they know all about blending and mixing. They can give insight into the result that you can get in the end.

4. Pre-Printing Fixings 

Here is the point that most users ignore while printing the eyeshadow packaging and you must take it seriously. You need to fix the material and tool in the perfect way before beginning any print process. Here are the things that you must look at:

  • Estimate the amount of ink used in the process. It is best to pick the right quantity to avoid noticeable changes in colors.
  • Do calculations carefully before starting the method.
  • The process, such as feeding, ink, the paper received, and pressure must be fixed to avoid any issues.

5. Perfect Pressure While Printing Eyeshadow Packaging

Whether it is the eyeshadow box or other carton, always focus on the pressure you apply during the method. SO the link between the rollers must be monitor near, and you need to readjust them every 3 months to ensure the best results. With time the diameter of the rollers also reduces the pressure. It is the tech info that you must know while creating the custom cases for the eye colors. In beauty items, the user wants precision and quality.

6. Look for Expert Help

It is the most vital tip for the newbies if they look for perfect boxes for cosmetic items. If you are new in the sector, then find the right cases for the makeup things is not an easy job. You need to do little research on who has experience in the makeup sector. They know the importance of the color schemes and print in the cosmetic.


The tips mentioned above will help you to create the right cases for the eyeshadow packs and pallets.