Guide to find the perfect pair of glasses

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Choosing the right pair of glasses that not only looks good on you but also serves comfortability can be a challenging task. There are a lot of things such as your lifestyle, face shape, skin tone, hair colour and fashion sense that you must take into consideration when finding the right pair.

Of course, you also need to consider what you want the glasses for. Do you need them for correcting your specific refractive error? Or do you need blue light glasses in the UK to protect your eyes from all that screen time?

People who have been wearing glasses for a while now might already know the tips and tricks to choose the right pair. But, what about those who are buying glasses for the first time?

If you are also feeling lost among the countless frame choices, read further to know better:

Glasses for your face shape

Your face shape helps in determining which frame style will suit you the best. Pull your hair up so the natural contour of your face is clearly exposed. Now see which part of your face is the widest. Is it your cheeks? If yes, then you have a round face.It is your forehead, you are luckiest of them all and have an oval face.

If you have a rather strong jawline, you either have a square or rectangular face shape. In case your jawline is rather pointed than wide, you have a heart-shaped face.


An oval face shape has balanced features such as a rounded chin and forehead. So if you have an oval face, you can rock just about any frame style you set your eyes on. However, narrow frames can make your face appear longer. If you want to avoid this, go with spectacles that are wider than the widest part of your face.


If you have a square face shape, your sharp features will get balanced out with curvier frames like round or circular glasses. Since your face is bottom-heavy, pick frames that have a wide top bar for example, cat-eye glasses or butterfly frames.

Round face

Angular glasses in rectangular or square shapes will bring structure to your curvier features. To make your face appear longer, try narrow frames. Also, avoid frames that are either round or circular.

Heart-shaped face

This face type is wide at the top (forehead and cheekbones) and gets narrow towards the chin. If you have this face shape, try frames that are wide at the bottom. Rimless frames will also work well in this matter.

Diamond shape

This face shape is narrow at the chin and forehead. The broadest part are the fuller cheekbones that sit higher than they do in round faces. Frames that are decorated at the top or horn-rimmed glasses will suit you best. Also, oval and rectangular glasses also look flattering on diamond-shaped faces.

Glasses for your lifestyle

Do you spend more time outdoors? Or you are a homemaker who spends most of her time home? Do you want your glasses to make a bold statement or do you want them to blend seamlessly with your natural features? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to find the right pair for your needs.

However, you don’t have to buy different frames for different functions. If you have a refractive error but also need blue light protection, you don’t have to buy a separate pair of blue blockers. Simply buy prescription glasses online or from a local eyewear store and add the blue light coating on its lenses.

Glasses for different vibes

People are embracing eyeglasses to make a fashion statement. Thanks to the available variety in frame styles, you can change your whole look by changing your glasses.

For a classic business image, play safe with rectangular or oval glasses in neutral frame colours such as black, brown or silver. Rimless glasses will also go with the professional vibe.

For something, try unique frame styles in modern designs. Geometric frames and oversized glasses will get you noticed like nothing else.

If you have hit your wiser self, rectangular glasses for men and cat-eye glasses for women will get you a youthful look. If you wear readers, go for black frames as they are designed to make you look younger. Reading glasses can be an expensive business. If you are finding the readers at your local store to be over your budget, you can always buy reading glasses online at cheap prices.

If you are a student, play around interesting glasses shapes with oversized frames and unique detailing to experiment with your look and find your style.

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