How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch

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a lot of games out there are super popular take, for instance, fortnight mobile or pub G mobile or any of the clash games everybody loves playing those and they want to start streaming those on platforms like Twitch YouTube Mixer Facebook Periscope Instagram and beyond and Mobcrush is gonna be the answer for you.

So I wanted to thank the community members out there for sharing this program with me and now I’m gonna show you how to effectively and efficiently use it in this review. so we’re gonna go over the computer and I’m gonna show you all the ins and outs let’s go okay first thing is first we need to download the app simply go to your App Store and just type in mob crush. it should be one of the first two things to populate up here I have already downloaded it. If you download all the files without error then you will not face the bugs like Twitch error 2000.

Lets Try With Mob Crush

So I’m just gonna open it up now when you first open up mob crush it’s gonna ask you some simple login information you can log in through a variety of different ways for instance like Twitter but just create an account and it’s simple. we’re only gonna concentrate on the mobile side of this if you’re interested in streaming with their desktop version. so you can check it out when you’re all good and logged in and ready to rock and roll we’re gonna go to the top left-hand corner up here for more options and you want to be looking for broadcast should be the top option here go ahead and tick on that.

You will see all the different platforms at the top that they currently have you can see you can stream to mob crush Facebook YouTubeTwitch Twitter and periscope for each one of these you will have to log in. if you have two-factor authentication make sure you’ve linked those as well, for instance, I have to factor on Twitch so you select what platforms you want to stream to by simply just clicking on it there you can see it’s all faded in now letting me know that it’s selected and you select your game.

How To Stream The Game?

The nice thing about mob crush is it actually gives you a list of the top games here so it makes it nice and simple. so there are no spelling mistakes for this example here I’m gonna show you how to do fortnight mobile so I’m gonna select that and you can type in whatever you want to title your stream. we’re just gonna leave it as is right now because we’re just gonna keep it nice and simple and if you want to receive chat messages this is where you do it however I have noticed that chat messages may or may not come up more on that later at the end of the article.

But let’s take that on so we can see everything here we’re gonna click done and if you want to save your broadcast this is how you do it now there’s one very important thing here at the bottom and thank goodness that Mobcrush has made this very relevant for anybody trying to mobile stream. if you go to how it’s a broadcast it shows you step by step how you need to do it you want to select screen recording from your options there so that way you have the option to use this program then you need to open up your control centre here by swiping and selecting that record option.

Then you need to hold down on the icon and you will be able to scroll that’s right scroll down to the option to select mob crush next you need to make sure that you select this and hit on your microphone. you will be good to go for actual streams but if you want to have sound make sure if your phone is on silent or just vibrate that you select that off you need to have sound on so this way your audience will hear your broadcasts and those are very important steps for using this platform when you’re good to go.

We just need to go to select our game so I’m gonna click out of this and I’m gonna scroll over here to fortnight select fortnight and let it scroll up I’m gonna rotate the screen here once it’s had a moment to load it there we go and I’m just gonna fast-forward through all this Login stuff here for you. so it’s a little bit quicker and now that we’re in the game we can open up now you can swipe from the bottom down here and pull up but there is sometimes a problem I’ve noticed when you’re in the screen like this within the game.

If you have a hard time grabbing at the bottom and swiping up in fact it’s taken me a bunch of times I got lucky here but if you want an extra bro tip I’m gonna swipe down if you click out rotate your phone and swipe up from the bottom. you’ll notice it’s way easier to get to this option once you have selected mob crush from the screen recording options you’re ready to rock and roll and start playing your game now just a little signed up mob crush currently does network for a mixer.

Why Its 100% Working Method?

But I’ve been told and I’ve read through a couple of blogs and posts that I found on different forums that it’s coming soon so stay tuned so you guys will be to post all of your content to mixer if you’re really into streaming mobile games to that platform as well you know mob crush is a great mobile streaming platform. it works really well however it does have a couple of push backs you know there’s no way to display your chat and read it as you’re playing a game.

so you have no idea who’s really watching you there’s no viewer count so you don’t know if you’re growing or if you’re shrinking for the game that you’re playing and you know what there is no wait for you to show a camera of your face and that’s kind of annoying you know I’ve seen videos online of a beta version of this and people claim you can do it.

I can’t find it anywhere I can’t find out how to do chat I can found out how to do hiding of privacy I can’t find out how to do camera there’s a lot of negatives that drawback but with all that said still a very solid platform if I was just gonna play games and have fun and have sound and have my mic on there. I would probably stream straight off Mobcrush but I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of a bro tip out there if you’re gonna hold your phone in your hands usually your microphone and speakers are on the left and right side if you’re holding everything like a rectangle.

Final Thoughts

So what I recommend is you’re gonna want to get yourself a set of headphones here make sure it’s got something that’s gonna mic or big muff and a boom that comes down because since you’re gonna be holding the side of your phone your hands are constantly gonna be rubbing up against the mic and therefore it’s gonna annoy the heck out of everybody that’s listening to you so take that into consideration. if you are gonna stream on Mobcrush be considerate to your viewers get some headphones that have a mic so that way you don’t have to worry about rubbing the microphone too much.