Four Things to Consider When Choosing Grain Storage

If you are a farmer or hold any little knowledge of farming, you will know how important it is to ensure proper grain storage. As the scale of farming is shoring up each day, there is an increasing need for a safe and secure place to store harvested agricultural produce.

Although there have been plenty of ancient methods used over these centuries, they have not been very effective. Baskets, roofs, and underground storage techniques are not apt to keep the perishable goods for longer. So, amidst that, the advancement of technology is really a savior.

Nowadays, there are grain bins that are safer than any other means and helps maintain the perfect moisture for grains. Of course, they are not an inexpensive choice, but considering the level of convenience and protection you get for your harvest is indeed commendable.

At times, there can be a little challenge as to what kind of storage would work for you, so only with proper research, you can make your way through with the right decision. Here are five things considering which your grain storage choice can be made easy and quick –

  1. Bin Size

There are a lot of grain bins available in different sizes, but you have to find the one that is suitable for your grain quantity. You have to devise an estimation of the grain you harvest each year or plan to reap in the future. The volumes have to be taken into consideration very carefully, and room for surplus has to be left in case you want to make any changes later down the road.

  • Roof Strength

Rain and snow can take a huge toll on the condition of the stored grains on your farm. The most important part, the roof of the grain bin, can witness the most hit. It can blow off or tear apart. It can even start to cave in, damaging everything stored inside. So, pay attention to the design and construction of the roof. Try opting for elevated roof ribs and the ones with metal breaks for full-proof strength.

  • Duration of Storage

Depending on the time duration you wish to store your grains, you can choose your storage system. Is it for a few months or a couple of years? If it is for a short period, you can choose less expensive options; however, you will benefit more from a long-term system. You can fill or empty it whenever you need and rest assured of the healthy condition of your grains.

  • Location

A majority of individuals want to have a good storage facility on their own land but may not achieve so because of the limitation of their farm space.  So, it is important to find a location that is easily accessible. You need to have a location that removes your transportation restrictions and an in-person visit, thereby saving a great time to devote to other crucial tasks.