Trump should not receive INTEL briefings,” says Joe Biden:

Well, we all know how Donald Trump’s rule has resulted which we all have seen from the past four years. Now, after the post elections, which he loses very miserably and also claiming that this election has been stolen from him, making serious allegations and falsehoods. Despite losing dozens of legal charges Joe’s win. But we all know where the truth lies. Not only his country’s citizens, but citizens from other countries like our country India even wanted him to lose and win Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as the first-ever women Vice-President. As this was sure because of what Mr.Trump did, his policies, to all of us. 

Let’s know about their relationship in details: 

  1. So, talking about the relationship between the former and present President Trump and Joe is not very well. In the United States, there’s a policy that the outgoing presidents are traditionally given, a chance to get the briefings, but this lies in the hands of the current President, whether he wants or not. So, currently, as the update on February 6th, giving an interview to CBS slightly showed his hesitance regarding giving the intelligence briefings to his predecessor Donald Trump.

While not opening up completely, but he said “ I just think there is  no need for him at  the intelligence briefings, further adding what value is giving him in intel briefings, and what impact he will have, despite slipping something and saying something.” 

  1. Since, Trump is on his second impeachment trial, which will be conducted next week, for the violence in the United States Capitol, where five people died.  Now, not only this, but, also due to his erratic behavior, Joe Biden is having concerns. 
  1. Even talking to the White House Secretary Jen Psaki has said that the issue of granting him access to Intel briefings is under review. As, Trump has a very stormy relationship with the intelligence community, taking into consideration his 4 years of presidency. 

This issue is now being of all concerns, both the democratic and former trump officials. Former deputy principal of the national intelligence Susan Gordon writing to the Washington post urged  Mr. Biden to cut off Trump from giving the access. She stated that any former President is a definition of the target and presents some risks. Especially ex-presidents like Trump will surely put our nation’s secrets at the trigger point, which can blast from his mouth. 

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She also bought light about his business activities and concerns that he is in debt to the tune of nearly $400 million, which Trump declared as just a load of peanuts. Even other officials like Democratic Representative Adam Schiff also made a statement not to take him into account of the briefings. 


Their opinions of showing corners are very true, as Trump’s acts have always been like this. Be it allegedly saying about the elections, triggering his concerns over his use or dismissal of intelligence. Also, he shared very crucial information with Russia’s foreign minister that US intelligence believed in putting an ally’s asset at risk in the month of May. Though, the solemn decision-maker is the president himself, Joe Biden. Whether he wants to put his nation in the area of danger or not by taking the man’s unpredictable behavior. One can know more about it through buzinessbytes.