Reasons And Statistics Why You Should Work With Remote App Development Company

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Remote mobile app development companies are not new in the market. The process of outsourcing has been used in the IT industry for quite a while now. However, the practice has gained tremendous popularity over the last year of quarantine.

One of the main reasons for outsourcing your app development project to some expert mobile app development company allows you to focus on the core business process. Not just this outsourcing helps to save your valuable time and money, as you get easy access to the experienced developer and market leaders.

These are certainly some of the good reasons that helped remote app development companies get their exposure in the market. Before we get into why you should outsource your next app development project to an expert. Here are a few statistics and market predictions for 2020 and 2021.

1. The global outsourcing market is worth $131 billion in 2019.

2. In 2019, as much as 52% of small businesses were outsourcing their projects for better business efficiency.

3. $289 billion is the projected worth of the entire cloud market by 2021.

4. The global outsourcing revenue totaled $92.5 billion in 2019.

Why is remote mobile app development a good option?

Here is an interesting fact before we start: 69% of businesses with more than 50 employees are more likely to outsource their projects. While only 29% of businesses with 50 or fewer employees use this practice.

This means the bigger the company, the more likely they are going to outsource their development projects. The reason is simple, businesses get to focus on core tasks, white the development is taken care of by the remote companies.

Here are the 2 main reasons that prove why remote mobile app development is a really good option.

1. Cuts down labor costs and business expenses

By outsourcing your work to other market experts you will be able to take on-to more tasks at once. You don’t have to hire in-house app developers, which save the employee cost, don’t have to invest in employee training, office space, and other employee benefits, and can save your business expenses.

Along with the increased revenue, outsourcing can help you save up to 60% of business expenses.

2. Focus on the core aspects of the business

90% of the thriving business marks outsourcing as the main reason for their success. Not just because this practice helps to save the company money, but it also helps to save time that can be focused on the more important aspects of the business such as: innovating business, streamlining the workflow etc.

Reasons to work with a mobile remote app development company

You already know two of the most important benefits of working with a remote app development company. Here are 5 more reasons to go with the practice of outsourcing and how it can help you grow your business.

1. 24% improved efficiency

The company you choose to outsource your company project is individual identity. Just like your business, they also care about their company reputation and client feedback. And that’s how you will be getting high-quality work completed under a given deadline. You get to experience a smooth and active development process, by choosing to work with a remote app development company.

2. Easy access to the best talent

Being able to work from a remote location has made it easy to find the best talent available all across the globe. You don’t have to hire employees and then train them for the job when working with remote app developers. These are the experts, offering their experience service to help the businesses change with the technology. You can take the advantage of this simply by outsourcing your projects to them. 

3. Take on more different projects

Suppose you are an app development company who only deals with android app development. However, you can find the globally trusted iOS app development company and outsource your projects. It is an easy and safe way to grow your business with the demands of the market.

4. 12% reduced operation cost

Saving on company overhead cost was not that easy. However, working with a remote app development company you automatically cut-off 12% of your business operation cost. As you don’t have to hire in-house developers, don’t have to pay the employee benefits because they are technically not your employees. 

5. Ready-made products

In order to save your time, most of the remote app development companies offer ready-made products (usually for on-demand business needs). Building an app with these ready-made products can save your time and money. As the developers won’t have to build the app from scratch and you only have to pay for the hours they are working on the project. Ready-made uber clone app are the most popular on-demand apps in the market. If you have any on-demand business app project, remote app developers are the right option for you.


Reading all the above-mentioned statistics should have helped you learn about the modern cost-efficient ways to do business in 2021. You can choose to work with the remote app development company to improve your business overall efficiency, business expertise, and grow more profitable.

The outsourcing industry is on a rise, better take benefits from it. Whether you are looking for a mobile app solution for your business or trying to take-on more projects by outsourcing your workload. Now is the time to work with remote experts.