What is ServiceNow and how it works for work style reform for the entire company?

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ServiceNow transforms the way employees work by standardizing and automating business processes.

By integrating the operations and services that are essential for corporate activities on a single platform, seamlessness, transparency, quality improvement, and efficiency are expected. Automating complex tasks creates an environment where you can focus on higher-priority tasks. A better way of working for a company has a better impact on the business and thus on the customer.

ServiceNow is finally helping about business reforms of various companies, including non-IT departments. Expand the ecosystem to apply the standardization and operation know-how cultivated in IT service management to the standardization of personnel, marketing, and other company-wide workflows.

“ServiceNow”, provides SaaS-type workflow tools, will strengthen its domestic sales system. In addition to launching new “ISV programs” and “service provider programs,” creating an environment in multiple countries where DR (disaster recovery) measures can be completed. The data center will use the facilities of NTT Communications, which is also a solution partner. The service provision from domestic data centers was announced in October 2018.

For ISV programs, there will prepare a “store model” that puts an integration program in the marketplace and an “OEM model” that provides ServiceNow’s “Now Platform” on an OEM basis. Regarding the store model, it has provided services overseas, but it has a new system for payments. The service provider program provides the ServiceNow Platform in a multi-tenant manner. The aim is to enable even mid-sized providers to offer services at low cost.

What is ServiceNow in the first place?

Are you looking for “what is servicenow?” ServiceNow is a service provider that provides SaaS-type workflow automation tools. Initially, there were many cases of application as an IT service management tool in the business reform of the IT department, but in recent years, the number of cases of application not only in the work of the IT department but also in workflow management efficiency and integrated management of general routine work has increased. It’s getting better. Manages all services related to business in the company, not limited to IT.

“Initially, ServiceNow was often seen as a SaaS version of an IT service management tool, but recently, with a better understanding of the product, DX (digital transformation) that reforms the company’s existing workflow rather than an IT service management tool. More and more companies are thinking about using it in their projects. ”

The core of ServiceNow’s services is the “Now Platform.” In addition to IT workflow, it consists of employee workflow and customer workflow.

ServiceNow’s “Now Platform” and individual function groups Covers operations such as customer experience management and human resources management

Everything as a Service

ServiceNow is a cloud service provided by ServiceNow Inc. that transforms corporate service management.

ServiceNow regards corporate activities for internal and external (B2B * 2, B2C * 3) as “services”, and ServiceNow realizes a single contact point related to services, business process standardization / automation, and information management from the following perspectives. We support your company’s value enhancement.

Timely service development in line with management strategy

Improving stakeholder satisfaction by providing high-level services

Rationalization of costs and work styles by automating service provision

  • 1 Service management: A framework for managing and standardizing operational processes for the purpose of improving the value of services.
  • 2 B2B: Business-to-Business business transactions between companies
  • 3 B2C: Business-to-Consumer Commercial transactions between companies and general consumers

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