5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Body Armor

The world has never been this unsafe before. Malicious intended people are always on the look to create a nuisance by hindering the government’s operations and threatening the public’s safety. That has made the body armor more of necessity rather than a luxury.

There was a time when bulletproof and armored apparels were meant only for the military personnel. However, amidst the rising crimes, it is now required and demanded by reputable businessmen, government officials, and other high-profile executives as well.

Of course, not all body armor is fit for everyone. You have to be clear on your needs and spend a good time searching for the right kind of body armor solution. So, if you are considering investing in it anytime soon, here are a few things you should consider –

  1. Extent of Threat

When purchasing body armor, you have first to assess the purpose. In simpler terms, you have to determine the kind of mission for which you are going to wear the armor. Besides, you need to evaluate the level of protection you wish to have. You cannot think of wearing a pistol protection suit in rifle prone surroundings. Choose body armor that at least stops the handgun or several rounds of it.

  • Fitting of the Vest

You need to understand the different options of bulletproof vests available out there in the market before making your final call. You have to pick the vest that fits you completely and hugs you at the right spots. Agree to it or not, but only a fitted vest gives maximum protection. So, get yourself fully aware of the variety of vests and measure them inside out, so the one you choose is fitted, yet comfortable.

  • Materials Used

Manufacturers use several types of materials to manufacture bulletproof vests. However, not every material is considered apt for all calibers of threat. Some easily take the gunshots and some are commendably upgraded pieces that withstand even hard armor attacks. Therefore, make sure you test the effectiveness of such bulletproof vests, soft panels, and hard plates as well as determine their usefulness for the lifetime.

  • Maintenance and Care

It comes as no doubt that body armor is a serious investment and hence, you should be able to make most out of it. And, that is only possible with its regular care and cleaning. You may or may not want to indulge in this extra task, but it is very much required to keep it functional and prolong its lifetime. So, make sure you read about the care and cleaning requirements and guidelines thoroughly.

  • Maximum Budget  Limit

You need to make your mind ahead of time regarding how much you can spend on body armor. It is vital to do, so that you don’t spend over and above your financial limit. At times, you may want to buy the advanced armor sets that come with additional features, but unless they are absolutely necessary, you should stick your realistic needs and stay within your budget range.