4 Tips to Buy the Right Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are a must if you are running your store with various products. Barcode scanners are of multiple types, for instance, whether you need the one who only reads UPC codes or is required to verify product bars. However, making the right choice for a specific business type can sometimes be an uphill battle, especially for those who have nill knowledge regarding barcode scanners.

If you are ready to run your grocery store, I must suggest some of the easiest solutions to buy a suitable barcode scanner considering various characteristics. But before that, you must have a brief understanding of various types of barcode scanners. Have a look!

  • Portable Scanners: Portable scanners, as the name suggests, are easy to carry since they run on batteries. The benefit of operating portable scanners is that the data stored in them could be transferred to your PC later on. They offer higher flexibility as they come with an LCD monitor and a keypad to access the scanned records.
  • Fixed Scanners: Fixed barcodes are usually used at standard retail business stores where data is to be transmitted continuously being a part of daily business. You might have seen such barcodes during payment in your city’s mega grocery stores.
  • Wireless Scanners: Wireless barcode scanner provides real-time access to your data, enhancing productivity during work hours. Such barcodes are generally used in vast warehouses where the higher level of inventory is to be managed.

Once you have become familiar with the type of barcode scanners, it’s time to move on to easy steps to purchase the right one for your business.

Type of barcode to scan

Most probably, if you are in the retail business, all you need a barcode of code type. Mostly 2D imaging barcodes are suited for scanning codes; however, if you are looking for linear barcodes, go for one-dimension. Most importantly, ensure that the scanner you are purchasing must be able to read high range and minimum range bars on the barcode. If your work involves scanning mobile coupons, then an image that offers “the screen read capabilities” would be the best choice to go with. 

Environmental conditions of your area

Before making a particular choice, make sure to analyze the conditions of your workplace. If you choose a barcode scanner for your warehouse full of dust and mishandling of stuff, it can easily fall prey to breakage or malfunctioning. Therefore, the best thing is to check the IP (Ingress Protection) of any model. Make sure it’s high; for instance, above 70.

Impact of light

To bring it to your kind notice, image scanners need a perfect angle to work in certain types of lights. Ensure you are choosing the right angle in the right kind of light. Besides, laser scanners do not work in the open. If you are working in an industry with harsh conditions, there comes a range of industrial scanners.

Consider the distance between your barcode and the computer

The distance between your computer and barcode scanner must lie within your computer’s cable, and the barcode scanner as it only ranges between two to twenty-four inches. If it seems impossible, then go for an alternative option like a wireless or a Bluetooth-connected barcode scanner.